There may be a day or so of selling in the stock market this week

by Ana Lopez

Planet Sign – Vinod Rawal

Sun and Neptune conjunct this week. Mercury and Sun are also conjunct. Mercury and Jupiter are retrograde. This week also has kendra yoga of Sun and Jupiter. This week Mercury enters his debilitated sign of Pisces
Let’s see what direction these planet yogas will give to the market…
Stock market: This week may start strong and may remain strong in initial fluctuations. But this week’s market opening can be profitable to trade by selling. This week’s planetary horoscopes show that there may be a market sell-off in the middle of the week due to sudden reasons. In the ongoing market, the index may see weakness due to sell-off. A day or so of profit may be taken by mid to end of the week but keep booking profits in a bullish market. The index of the last days of the week may be seen softer than the index that opens this week. Fluctuations can be seen in steel, bank, finance, auto, reliance, finance sector this week.
Gold-Silver: Strength in gold and silver can be seen at the beginning of the week. In gold and silver futures and spot from the first day of this week, selling in the market can be beneficial. The market may sell off in the early and middle days of the week. Mid-week profit-taking shows general strength in prices. Proceed to book profit. Trade with a soft focus on the market. But the fluctuations can come from both sides so keep booking profit. This week it can be profitable to trade by selling at each high. In the final days of the week, a two-sided market can be seen in gold and silver.
Crude Oil: This week sees strong crude oil prices. In crude oil, the market may remain steady in the early to mid-day. But keeping the focus strong, stock up in the early days and arrange bullish trades. The market may show a two-sided move during the mid-week day. Trading with a strong focus from early days this week. A bullish trade can be maintained till the final days of the week. In the final days of the week, the new market may remain strong. Crude oil prices may remain strong this week.
Commodities: This week could start with strong prices. Singoil, cottonseed oil, oilseeds and oilseeds started the week on a strong note. From the beginning of the week, start setting up the trade keeping in mind the bullishness. In this week, trade in oilseeds, cotton, castor, diwal, oil should be done at every price. Staying stocked till mid-week should be beneficial. During these days the market may see general softness or narrow fluctuations for a day or so but do not trade bearish. Cotton, castor and diwali, oil will see strength in spot and futures with fresh takeover this week.

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