There may be a big sell-off in the stock market due to an accident

by Ana Lopez

Planet Sign – Vinod Rawal

This week, the Sun and Mercury are in revolution. Mercury and Jupiter are also transiting and Jupiter and Saturn are svagrihi during the week. Mercury orbits in its own negative sign. Looking at this week’s horoscope, it seems that this week there is still a lot of volatility in the markets due to sudden events, and the Nifty, the index, will be soft. A natural calamity may occur. Things like earthquakes, storms, torrential rains, terrorist attacks can happen.
Let’s see what direction these planet yogas will give to the market.
Stock market:- The week may start with a strong start in the stock market. But since this week there are soft yogas in the market, it can be beneficial to trade by selling from the opening market. This week’s planetary horoscopes show that the market may experience a quick and large sell-off due to a mid-week contingency. In the ongoing market, the index may see weakness due to sell-off. A day or so of profit may be taken by the middle to end of the week. But don’t trade bullish. So keep booking profit.
The closing days of the week index and Nifty are seen to be softer than the opening index of this week. This week fluctuations can be seen in metal, bank, finance, auto, reliance, finance sector.
Gold-Silver: Gold, silver may see a strong start to the week this week. But since this week has bearish yogas, gold and silver futures and spot can benefit from selling in the market from the first day of this week. Trading in particular silver should be profitable. A day or so will see a good softening in prices with a big and fast sell-off.
The market may sell off in the early and middle days of the week. Mid-week profit-taking shows general strength in prices. Proceed to book profit. Trade with a soft focus on the market. But the fluctuations can come from both sides so keep booking profit. This week it can be profitable to trade by selling at each high. In the final days of the week, a fair market can be seen in Sonachandi.
Crude Oil: This week crude oil prices will also see strong prices this week. Setting up a bullish trade by stocking in crude oil from day one. Start setting up a bullish trade by stocking up in the early days of this week. The market may show a two-sided move during the mid-week day. Trading with a strong focus from early days this week. A bullish trade can be maintained till the final days of the week. The market may remain strong in the final days of the week. Crude oil prices may remain strong this week.
Commodities: The week starts with strong prices in Singoil, Cottonseed Oil, Oilseeds and Diwal as the commodity market is tipped to be firmer this week. From the beginning of the week, start setting up the trade keeping in mind the bullishness.
In this week, trade in oilseeds, cotton, castor, diwala, oil with a bullish focus. Stocking should be beneficial till the mid-week days. During these days, a day or so in the market will see a normal soft or narrow fluctuation. But don’t trade the recession. Cotton, castor and diwali, oil will see strength in spot and futures with fresh takeover this week.

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