There is no ground under your feet or under your feet.

by Ana Lopez

Dushyantakumar (1933-1975)

That’s all for today – Shobhit Desai

Almost this share was a wonderful share when Dushyant Kumar, a great Hindi poet and Suryabhanu Gupta, or later a pure Hindi ghazal, was written for the Indian people from 1970 to 1973. has gone So today I am going to talk about Dushyantakumar’s ‘Hangathe’… Poet Kailas Pandit gave me his collection ‘Sayen Mein Dhoop’ in 1976, I remember dancing with that collection on my head for 4-5 years…
Just look at this ghazal by Dushyant Kumar…
Ye sara jism zhuk kar boz se duhra hua hoga
Main sajde main nahi tha, aap ko dhokha hua hoga.
Yahan tak aate aate sukh jaati hai nekh nadiyan
Muze malum hai pani kahan thahara hua hoga
Ehke fake bitakar mar gaya jo us ke bare mein
Wo sab kahte hain ‘ab aisa nahi aisa hua hoga’
Yahan to sirf gunge aur bahre log baste haiin
God knows that there will be a concert like a kiss.
Let’s go! Now open the dark closet of memories
At least one face will be recognized.
Now… read the above constitution once more. An overview of the poet who created a new climate in those years. The conflict between Delhi and the public – only 10% of the government’s pro-poor schemes reaching the poor – after the martyrs of those who persisted in belief and change, selling out their followers – the confusion of the worshipers of original art between hyper-intellectualism and the constant reminder of life’s first love. Wonder if the amazing observation of what to do doesn’t make you dumbfounded…
The basic definition of a ghazal is a conversation with a woman, a description of the beauty of a woman, a poem about a woman by Gnadayi Jnilafakshashintshuyam Laheka. Except that it was completely untouched. Courage is needed… Courage is needed to say this…
Kahan to tay tha charaga every house ke liye
Kahan Charag Mayassar (Available) Nahi Shahar or Liye
Yahan darkhton (tree) ke saye mein dhoop hai hai,
Chalo yahan se chale aur umrabhar ke liye…
If there is no kameez, feet will cover the stomach
Ye log ketane munasib hain is safar ke liye!
Tera Nizam (Essay) Hai Sile De Zuban Shyraki
Ye ahetiyat (caution) zauri hai is bahar (reservoir) ke liye
If you live, I will keep you in my garden
Maren to gair ki galiyon mein gulmohar ke liye
Where is the talk of 1947 that every house will have electricity and where is 1974 that the city will become the capital of darkness, the sun shines under this tree of freedom, come here and go… let’s run away? – What ‘worthy’, ‘tolerant’, ‘sattvic’ people Hindustan has got as its people! If the stomach is not sore, then the stomach covers the body and sleeps. – Your care to sew the jaws of the Shire is excellent – To live under a thorn in one’s own garden and to die for a thorn in another’s lane…
That’s all for today…

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