There is a difference between speaking and babbling

by Ana Lopez

Mail Matters-Ankit Desai

Today we have to talk about spiritual wealth. About not speaking or speaking less. Earlier we talked about silence. But then we talked about complete silence and through that silence to increase our concentration or become more clear about our goals. The rule of speaking less and not speaking applies in the absence of silence, when we have to speak on a personal, social or professional front. And sometimes we don’t understand the difference between talking and talking and we end up feeling sad.
It is an art to speak less or not to speak. Or this is a life strategy, which has to be given efforts to assimilate. Because we believe that by speaking we have to go empty. Or our work will be done only if we speak. Or only if we speak, the opposite person will understand us or us hundred cold greatness. This is why we speak unnecessarily, excessively and create trouble for ourselves whether it is with family-friends or society or professional front.
For this, Gandhiji or in modern times Moraribapu is the best example for us, who speak to the point or very impressively at the time of speaking. Whose single word paves a new path in the field of millions. But when he doesn’t have to speak, he doesn’t speak when there are thousands of people around him eager to hear him. Because they also know the value of words and also know the value of energy expended by words and also know how much harm is done to our personality by words spoken when they are not needed.
When it comes time to speak, the first thing that happens when we have an attitude of speaking enough is that our connection with ourselves becomes stronger. Because by speaking extra words, we waste our energy more and our mind is always busy with those words. Also, when we speak excessively, do we become Harishchandra and utter only a few of all the truths? We used to throw things. At such times outwardly we must sooner or later get into trouble, but we deceive ourselves the moment we speak excess and falsehood.
Even at such times we are alienated from ourselves. And it is only after that alienation of self that anxiety is born within us that our internal inflammations begin. Rather than that, if we give efforts to speak less or just enough and that too, to speak correctly and well, then our distance will be richer and we will be more solid. We will automatically be pushed into the process of being happy or joyful without reason. By which everything around us and our life will feel green. We can change the futility that we currently feel is futility with our attitude of speaking less.
And this is a spiritual view to say the least. The physical benefits of this approach are also many, the biggest of which is that we stay away from some pedantic fight or gossip spread throughout our lives, and we develop a dominant influence in our circle. After all we don’t make fudge! A

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