… then your bank account will be cleared!

by Ana Lopez

Today, many of us, if we want to get an answer to any thing or question, we directly go to Googlebaba and Googlebaba will also try his best to answer our questions. Googlebaba many times shows us the right path and many times also leads us on the wrong path.
Today we will talk about how this Google that solves your problem sometimes becomes the cause of your problem. If you also have blind faith in Google search then you need to be careful because this habit of yours can land you in trouble and your bank account will be empty in a second.
Now you may wonder how, here is the answer to your question. If you are also in the habit of Googling the contact number of any customer care, shop or office, then you need to be careful, because scammers can cheat you by changing the contact number. To do this they first go to google map and then they go there and change the number of the shop or customer care and when you go to Google and search for the number, this changed number only comes in front of you.
Now you call this number mistaking it for real number and get cheated. The scammer accesses the bank details in your phone with the help of your call and within a second your bank account is cleared. To avoid such scammers always take any office or customer care number from their official website and avoid blindly trusting Google.

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