The plan was to show the murder as an accident, who was Sahil’s helper?

by Ana Lopez

The court has extended the remand of Sahil Gehlot, the accused arrested in the Nikki Yadav murder case, by two days. Sahil is currently under the custody of Crime Branch. There are new shocking revelations about this case every day. According to the information received from a web portal, the murder conspiracy was running in Sahil’s mind right from the time Sahil and Nikki left in the car before the murder. He made a plan that he would first push Nikki out of the car and pretend that she had died in an accident. However, Sahil’s plot was not successful. He eventually committed the murder at Delhi’s Nigam Bodh Ghat. After the arrest of Sahil, the Delhi Police also arrested his father, cousin and friend.
According to sources, Sahil’s father does not regret this at all. Sahil’s father Virendra is already facing a murder case in the crime branch. According to police sources, Viredra was aware of this before Nikki’s murder. And he supported Sahil in this crime. When the police questioned Virendra about this, he had no regrets. He said we had to get Nikki out of the way anyway.
It is worth mentioning here that the crime branch has also arrested Sahil’s cousin. Sahil made the first call to his cousin after the murder. He then came straight to the dhaba after which they all put the body in the fridge and planned to dispose of it after the wedding.

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