The number of players in Warzone 2 is reportedly dropping

by Ana Lopez

It was dubbed “Call of Duty 2.0”. A brand new era of the shooting franchise that has become a multi-annual bestseller. War zone 2 and Modern warfare 2 were meant to revive the passion that Codfish fans have put aside the past few years.

This much was true: Duty the passionate flames of fans turned from simmering embers to a full bonfire with the news of the two sequels and a new era announced.

But ever since the games started flying off the shelves, players became extremely bored with the franchise, and just two months later War zone‘s release, the numbers have plummeted. Now the fires are millimeters away from turning to ash.

The number of players in Warzone 2 is dropping

According to insiders Charlie Intel, the War zone 2 the number of players fell “higher than expected” after the holiday period.

A decrease in player numbers was expected as the original hype started to die down, but instead of counts stagnating to a steady number of daily players, it seems that more and more War zone 2 fans are not returning.

“This is a nice way of saying it War zone 2 is underperforming at an alarming rate 2 months after launch,” added another well-known page, Modern Warzone.

Why are Warzone 2 players already throwing the game?

War zone 2 has been out for two months now and not a single new mode has been added, while the meta remains as the RPK and Fennec duo it’s been since day one. Eventually, players are bored with the same old stuff.

Season 2 has now reportedly been delayed, meaning leaked modes like Plunder – and even the possibility of a revival map – will be pushed back even further.

Players are tired of loading into the same game over and over again, and with the title suffering from a lack of speed and intuition like Fortnite and Apex Legends take advantage instead.

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