The next Steamworld game for Nintendo Switch will be revealed soon

by Ana Lopez

It’s been several years since Steamworld Quest, and even longer since classic titles like Steamworld Dig 2, and the oft-forgotten (but supremely brilliant) Steamworld Heist, so we’ve been craving a new Steamworld game for a while now. Fortunately, the developer heard our prayers, as Thunderful Games announced the Steamworld special broadcastwill reveal “what’s next for the series” very soon.

The Steamworld special airs on January 23 at 6:30 PM CET/5:30 PM GMT/9:30 PM PST, while the announcement says to Steamworld Games Twitter account to find out where to watch the broadcast next week. We imagine the company will reveal a YouTube or Twitch link closer to the time so fans can watch the reveal of an exciting new title live.

While there’s no announcement on the type of game or even platforms, almost every Steamworld game to date has been on Nintendo Switch, and in many cases, they’ve made it to Nintendo hardware before launching on other consoles months later. If we can glean anything from history, we’d expect the latest game to launch first on Nintendo Switch and release on PS4/5 and Xbox consoles around six months later. Still, we don’t have to wait long, because next week we will learn more.

While we wait for the official word on where to watch the Steamworld Special broadcast, you can catch a glimpse of the most recent Steamworld game for Nintendo Switch with the Steamworld Quest trailer below.

youtube thumbnail

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