The Legend Of Zelda LEGO set leaks online

by Ana Lopez

From Minecraft until Horizon, Sonic until Mario, gaming LEGO sets are big business. We’ve even seen it go the other way with entire video game franchises based on LEGO versions of IPs like Batman and Star Wars. Yet there is room for more.

While there is a toy box full of LEGO Mario sets, there are constant calls for Nintendo and the Danish brick company to join forces once again – to give another fan-favorite franchise a plastic and fabulous makeover. So, where are our LEGO Zelda kits?

LEGO Zelda sets appear online

About on the Eurobricks forumuser JeanGreyForever claimed a Deku Tree LEGO set in honor of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time is in production. Although it has not been verified, the set reportedly contains 1920 pieces and costs around $250.

The OP says they were asked to take part in a paid survey and were shown several mythical sets. Among them was the Great Deku Tree out Ocarina of Timeas well as the Xavier Mansion from X-Men, from Sauron’s Barad-dûr Fortress Under the spell of the Ringand more.

Promo letters has now added some fuel to the fire and says it believes JeanGreyForever is telling the truth. If this is the case, the 2-in-1 Deku Tree set will allow you to create both a Ocarina of Time and Breath of the Wild-inspired set.

There are images floating around online that match the description, with two Link minifigs and one BotW Zelda, however, we recommend that you take all of the above with a grain of salt…for now.

Why hasn’t there been a LEGO Zelda set?

We previously reported on how LEGO banned suggestions for Zelda set. At the time, we suspected it was because a rival company had a Zelda toy line, but said there was hope it was from LEGO.

The images certainly look real, but with brick fanatics constantly bringing up their own suggestions for sets, it’s possible that this Deku Tree is a fan creation that has one circulating for the clout. At the time of writing, no LEGO Zelda sets have been confirmed for 2023 or beyond.

Not that we’re tired of building Bowser’s Airship or a Luigi’s Mansion set, but since Nintendo’s franchise extends far beyond the Mushroom Kingdom, we think it’s about time someone else started making LEGO for a few rupees.

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