The Last Of Us fans are convinced HBO has cast its Abby for Season 2

by Ana Lopez

What is it about casting video game adaptations that are so toxic? From Lance Reddick playing a race-crazed Albert Wesker in Netflix’s resident evil 2 to Mark Wahlberg sticking on a mustache to play Sully uncharted, fans will definitely give their opinion.

It was pretty much the same casting Ellie and Joel for HBO’s The last of usand while even the harshest critics seem to be flocking to Bella Ramsey and Pedro Pascal, we could be in for a whole new controversy in Season 2.

Has The Last Of Us Cast Abby For Season 2?

Even though we’re enjoying this deep dive into Naughty Dog’s mold apocalypse, that doesn’t stop us from looking ahead The last of us‘ from nine episodes to the inevitable season 2.

We already know of showrunner Craig Mazin’s hopes of adapting 2020 The Last of Us Part IIwhich would definitely mean casting a game antagonist, Abby Anderson.

Before throwing your own names into the mix, it’s been noted that Neil Druckmann has started following The wildernessShannon Berry.

It could be a coincidence that she also follows Druckmann, but it has been noted that Berry has previously tweeted about how people think she looks like Abby.

Abby voice actor Laura Bailey has said she’d love to play the character again, but since she’s 41, Abby’s entire character would need a complete overhaul – which we doubt would happen.

Fans react to casting Abby

As you can imagine, opinions were divided over Berry playing Abby. “Why do people keep looking for lookalikes to play roles they definitely don’t fit. Jeezuzzzz,” says one.

Another critic added, “She doesn’t have the build, even though she’s worked really hard, Abby has to look intimidating, she has to be present. Bella will have a great workout routine for S2.”

One Berry supporter said, “Phenomenal casting when it happens,” while another concluded, “Hey, she’s 22. Bella Ramsey is 19. Their age difference is perfect for Ellie and Abby.”

There have been many suggestions from viewers including Solo‘s Erin Kellyman gets tossed around. The big one we keep seeing is MCU favorite, Florence Pugh.

It remains to be seen if there is more to the Berry situation, but it has been noted that she follows Pascal and Ramsey as well. This could just be her trying to get herself cast, but watch this space.

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