The hearts of four out of ten Mumbaikars are responding

by Ana Lopez

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Mumbaikars are said to have very big hearts, but speaking of the heart, according to a recent survey conducted by the Health Department of the Mumbai Municipal Corporation, four out of every ten Mumbaikars are likely to suffer from cardiovascular disease.
It is clear that the lifestyle of Mumbaikars is responsible for this health condition. According to this survey, most Mumbaikars smoke, lead a sedentary lifestyle, and do not eat enough fruits and vegetables. The survey found that many of the average Mumbaikar is underweight or overweight and suffers from high blood pressure and diabetes.
The survey was conducted with the aim of collecting data on the health of people living in the city of Mumbai. Such data is available at the national level, but the survey was conducted as such data was not available at the city level. If such information is available, there is flexibility in formulating such policies.
The survey was conducted on a total of 5,199 adult Mumbaikars. In which 2,601 males and 2,598 females were included.
In this study, it was found that 37 percent of Mumbaikars aged 18 to 69 years ie rate
Four out of ten Mumbaikars are at risk of heart disease.
Among those studied, 37 percent of Mumbaikars had at least three of the six risk factors. The six risk factors included daily smoking, eating fewer fruits and vegetables than should be consumed daily, insufficient exercise, obesity, high blood pressure or high blood pressure, and taking medications for diabetes. Due to this, these Mumbaikars are prone to heart disease.
According to the standards of the World Health Organization, a person should eat 400 grams of fruits and vegetables per day. However, 94 percent of Mumbaikars surveyed do not eat that many fruits and vegetables. 21 percent of Mumbaikars i.e. one in five people had cholesterol levels above 190.
About 18 percent of individuals had high blood sugar levels. Only 42 percent of individuals had normal sugar levels. While 34 percent i.e. every third Mumbaikar had high blood pressure. About 15 percent of the individuals were found to be smoking or consuming tobacco.
According to this survey, 74.3 percent of Mumbaikars were not found to exercise or do any physical activity or sports for fitness. Forty-six percent of the individuals surveyed were overweight and 12 percent were underweight.
Head of Cardiology Department of Bombay Hospital and Professor Dr. According to Anil Sharma, the effects of improper diet, inadequate sleep, lack of physical exercise and stress are also affecting the youth.
This survey is an eye opener for Mumbaikars. Mumbaikars should stay stress free and avoid alcohol and tobacco consumption if they want to live a healthy life. Not only that, but apart from eating more vegetables and fruits, physical exercise and meditation should be done according to age.
Mumbai Metropolitan Municipality Additional Municipal Commissioner Dr. Sanjeev Kumar said that citizens should check their sugar levels regularly and avoid eating fried foods and stop smoking altogether.
Nanavati Max Hospital Dr. Vishal Abular says that the survey shows that the risk of heart disease as well as type-2 diabetes and stroke remains high. A

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