The development of a nation depends on the level of literacy

by Ana Lopez

How many new education policy? how far -Dr. Kalpana Dave

A book on National Education Policy has been published in English and Hindi to explain all aspects of the New Education Policy by the Union Ministry of Education, Government of India. Some information can also be found on UGC and educational sites. Standard information of National Education Policy 2020 is available in Gujarati so its Gujarati version is published by “Indian Teacher Training Institute Gandhinagar (Gujarat). So that information can be conveyed in simple language to the people involved in the field of education.
The apex body of national education is the “Ministry of Education.
The development of a nation depends on the level of literacy. Knowledge can be called Supreme Power. Which is necessary for the development of individual-society and nation. The best education develops the best qualities in a human being and makes him self-reliant, thereby achieving the full development of his personality.
In recent times, many horizons of national development and education have developed as a result of globalization and international trade policy. Due to India’s place in the presidency of G20 and India’s economic progress, a special identity of India has been created in the world.
Space Science, Defense, IT India’s progress in the field and research in the medical field and recently in the Corona period can be called a wonderful achievement. Due to the educational exchanges taking place at the global level, the world seems to be standing on India’s doorstep. So how should India achieve these new opportunities? How can we build a “Greater India – Better India” by utilizing our human resources?
It can be marketed nationally and internationally with excellent development of local industries. Ex. T:- Art of Kutch, Murtikala of Maharashtra, IT flourishing in Bangalore and Pune. Hub, Punjab’s agricultural industry, Andhra Pradesh’s Harikota, “Isro’s new researches, South Indian classical dance, progress of metropolises like Mumbai, journalism and mass media, Bollywood’s film industry etc. need to maximize the development of the sector. of educated-trained youth. This young wealth can only build excellent educational institutions. Along with technical knowledge and research, professional training is also required in every field. Keeping this objective in mind, the new education policy has a provision regarding various professions and their education, so that our youth will be empowered.
Expressing his thoughts on technical education, our well-known comedian, businessman, researcher and former sheriff of Mumbai Dr. Mohanbhai Patel says, “Education means to enlighten one’s efficiency, after receiving education, to be prepared to do research in it. It is also to develop original vision. Education that truly points the right direction. (Courtesy of Seen Something, Know Something article collection)
Vocational or professional education is necessary to determine the future direction even before the completion of school education. In higher education J – is to build a career by mastering that subject. The earlier education policy had fewer options in the chosen field and limited choice of subjects. Often due to lack of guidance or high fees, students could not achieve the desired success. But now there are many sources of information, there are many options in the new education policy, not only that there is flexibility in the structure of education and in the evaluation system. So that good development of students can be achieved.
In the previous article we got the information about the different boards providing school education. Let’s know a little about its role. Earlier in Mumbai there were more schools providing education in Gujarati, Marathi, Hindi or Urdu etc medium. English medium schools were few. In the sixth decade of the last century, English medium schools increased dramatically. These English medium schools were mostly imparting education as per the state government board studies, but these institutions came to be considered more effective and with excellent results. This resulted in a greater spread of education in English medium. Gradually, the number of students in institutions imparting education in regional language and in municipal schools started to decrease drastically. Some schools in South Mumbai migrated to other areas, some schools had to be closed down due to lack of financial resources, lack of management or ever decreasing number of students. Realizing the need of the time, some school administrators started imparting education in English medium along with vernacular medium. Even today these institutes are imparting the best education.
In the seventh decade, “I.C.SC” and “C.B.S.C.” imparting international level education even in English medium. Education Boards like this revolutionized the education sector by starting school education. More proliferation of schools which are imparting practical and quality education
has happened
One of the side effects of the international school providing the best education was that the number of students in schools teaching in the medium of the regional language decreased, the level of education also began to decline, sometimes due to lack of funds or lack of students, the schools were closed or had to be affiliated to another school. Similar was the situation in the municipal school.
On the other hand, it is also true that most parents, or people from rural areas, cannot afford international school education. So every school needs to be made the best. Another reality is that if any educational institution wants to develop, it has to provide quality, inclusive education to develop the institution in today’s Haranfal era. The new education policy has all these possibilities only it should be properly implemented.
Efforts should be made to provide excellent quality education by creating the best educational environment.
What is Learning in Pre School? A child learns best when he has ample opportunity, and that learning is experiential, derived from his everyday experience.
Ex. T. Game of bubbles or colors, inflating balloons, geometric
Noun blocks, puzzles, games etc.
Excellent knowledge can be imparted through direct group activities and not just by teacher instruction. Making animal figures through puzzles, given in games
Playing in tents by joining spare parts, making cars, airplanes etc. by joining small spare parts. Children get fun with knowledge in such activities.
Also, every child’s learning process is different, some learn immediately, some take time, some children ask questions and then understand. A teacher should understand the child’s mind and work.
“Safari based concept is considered modern in child education. The main objective is “Empowering Children – and Teaching Communities to make students and teachers more efficient. Creating a safe and motivating environment for children to learn.
Education Level Autonomous Institution
1) Pre Primary, Primary – Zilla Parishad, Board of Education
Municipality, Municipal Corporation – Education Committee
2) Secondary – Higher Secondary – State Board of Education, Municipal Schools, Various International Education Boards
3) Higher Education-Technical Education – State Board of Higher Education and Board of Technical Education and Private Educational Institutions.

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