The comedy takes a new turn with the arrival of the ‘new dad’

by Ana Lopez

Change is the rule of the world. Times have changed drastically. We are all living in an era where organic comedy i.e. pure original comedy in films is slowly disappearing and being replaced by tongue-in-cheek humor that appeals to the youth. So instead of just making complete family films, Coconut Motion Pictures’ next film, ‘Nava Pappa’ is bringing a brand new modern twist to an interesting, completely original comedy.
The audience’s anticipation is already high and a pretty powerful story is also expected as the film is written by the well-known Gujarati playwright and director Suresh Rajda. Whose work has always been appreciated by the audience. They are adept at delivering successful, excellent presentations. His excellence in collaboration with the mastery of the renowned, accomplished director Ashok Patel will definitely be a piece of art.
The producer of the film Mr. Rashmin Majithia said, “Nava Papa brings a double dose of laughter to all our viewers. Because we have multiplied our efforts to make it watchable. All the actors have done a great job. Especially Manoj Joshi in the lead role has again shown his excellent acting ability. He adds, “As a production house, we always try to create something that our human audience can enjoy with their entire family. We want everyone to experience the joy of watching a movie with their family. And “New Dad has humor and comedy that will surely make the whole family laugh out loud together. Once again we will make this experience through our film. We can proudly say that. The film’s release date, today, has been chosen to support this vision of Mr. Rashmin Majithia. Since it is a vacation period, the whole family, family, friends can watch it together and make time for it easily.
Ever since the film’s trailer was released, audiences have been drawn to the ‘new dad’ and are eager to know more about him. Moreover, the released song ‘Pappa Kehta’ta’ has doubled his curiosity.
Coconut Motion Pictures’ films have always been loved by the audience and their enthusiasm for ‘New Dad’ proves it. However, the situation is also a bit different, more than excited, they are impatient to know about the suspicious character of Manoj Joshi. But, their eagerness is about to end soon. To know all this, watch “New Dad” today in the nearest theaters with your family.

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