The Cold Stone Creamery location inventory meltdown goes viral

by Ana Lopez

It’s been a tough month for American ice cream parlor chain Cold Stone Creamery.

TikTok videos uploaded Monday by an anonymous Cold Stone employee reveal a sprinkler system malfunction that flooded a store and destroyed all of its inventory. Fox business reported.

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The videos, which have more than 220,000 views and appear to have been removed from the platform, were posted through a “Cold Stone Treats” account, which documents what it’s like to work at the salon. According to Fox, the clip showed “overturned planks, wet floors and lots of barrels of melted ice” and workers dumping the ruined product in garbage cans.

“As if this wasn’t enough, I fell and hurt my wrist,” the employee behind Cold Stone Treats said in the second video, according to the outlet. “I made these videos and took these pictures. I couldn’t believe it [it] — I wanted someone to come pinch me, because this was the worst nightmare. And here I fell and hurt myself.”

The incident followed another disaster earlier this month at a Cold Stone Creamery in Corvallis, Oregon. There, several employees quit after a colleague lost three fingers cleaning an ice machine; they claim they never received adequate safety training and that management has shown a lack of compassion.

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Located in Scottsdale, Arizona, Cold Stone Creamery is owned by parent company Kahala Brands, an international fast food restaurant franchisor that also operates brands such as Blimpie, The Counter, Thai Express, Sweet Frog, and more. Reuters.

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