TFT Augment Tier List (January 2023)

by Ana Lopez

Teamfight Tactics (TFT) Set 8 has added 118 new augments to TFT on top of the 170+ already existing augments. Choosing the best augmentation can be difficult with such a large selection. We are here to help you with that.

Best TFT Augments for January 2023

Here are the top 10 augments from TFT Set 8 and Patch 13.1 for the month of January 2023 that will help you finish with a spot on top.

10. Shiny

If you put Urgot on your plate, his ultimate will dig up a treasure chest of the board, which can contain gold and items. Urgot is a 5-cost champion with the Threat trait. These champions are very strong on their own, even if they don’t team up with other champions, so getting this raise early will give you a good start.

9. The Golden Egg

The Golden Egg augment is a throwback to Set 5, which had the Draconic trait. With this augment you have a golden egg that spawns on your couch and hatches to give you loot. The bigger the egg, the longer it will take to hatch and the better the loot.

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8. Clear mind

If you don’t have champions on your bench at the end of each round, you get 3 XP. If you’re someone who likes to keep a clean bench, then the Clear Mind augment will help you level up faster.

7. Endless Pizza

If you place Sivir on your board, she will heal your team for 15% of their missing health, along with all negative effects of your champions every six seconds. Sivir owns both civilian and mascot properties. If you field her with Galio and other mascots, you get a team that keeps healing.

6. Cruel Pact

With the Cruel Pact augment you can pay six health points for XP instead of gold. However, you also heal 3 health points if you survive a round. So if you are someone who is confident in their opening and deserves a winning streak, this augment will allow you to level up very quickly without losing any gold.

5. Hustle

Instead of receiving interest, Hustler allows you to have 3 gold after each round. The interest is based on the total number of rounds won (or lost). So if you’re not really sure if you’ll keep a winning streak, then your safest bet is to go with the Hustler augment.

4. Prankster Weapon

The Prankster Crest gives you one Prankster decal and a Jinx. Jinx also has the Anima Squad. And understandably, many people prefer Anima Squad because it’s a powerful trait with attack damage and skill power. Prankster, combined with Anima Squad, gives you a very strong combo.

3. Rabbit mercenary

Miss Fortune is a very popular champion to play. Not only is she Anima Squad, but she’s also an Ace, which allows her to run champions. She is also very powerful and about to be a little OP. The Bunny Mercenary expansion allows hair eventually cover a wider area, which also protects her for 2 seconds with 250 health. This augment will also give you a copy of Miss Fortune, which will allow you to give her two stars.

2. March of Progress

Normally you have the option to use 4 gold to buy 4 XP, and on top of that you only get 2 XP each round. This augment eliminates the ability to purchase XP. Instead it gives you 5 XP each round instead of 2. This is very useful as it prevents you from spending all your gold on leveling up too quickly and allows you to focus on leveling up your units instead. However, after this increase, you will no longer be able to use gold to buy XP for the rest of the game. So if you’re someone who likes to speed through levels as soon as you can afford it, this augment isn’t for you.

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1. Anima Squad Crown

If you’ve read numbers 3 and 4 on this list, you know exactly why this is number 1. Anima Squad is a very powerful trait. It gives you attack damage and skill power. The Anima Squad Crown gives you a Anima Squad decal, Ionic Spark, and a copy of Riven. All this is to ensure that your Miss Fortune carry comp wins the game.

All of these augments have the highest pick and win rates among TFT players in the month of January. That will certainly change with the next update, but if you make it to these compositions now, you might be able to secure a spot at the top.

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