Swati after Khushbu: Rape by father at the height of passion

by Ana Lopez

Extra Affair – Bharat Bharadwaj

Tamil actress and BJP leader Khushbu Sundar has alleged that she was sexually abused by her own father, but the shock has not subsided, now Swati Maliwal has made a similar allegation. Swati Maliwal, chairperson of Delhi Women’s Commission, has said that my father used to sexually abuse me in my childhood. Because of this I used to live in fear in my own house and was afraid even to come out in their presence. My father used to beat me for no reason and used to hold my hair and smash my head against the wall. I have spent many nights hiding under the bed in fear of my father’s atrocities.
In a program to honor brave women by the Delhi Women’s Commission, Swati praised the courage of women and also expressed her self-praise. Swati said bluntly, I still remember my father sexually assaulting me. I used to hide under the bed in fear when my father would come home. Trembling with fear under the bed, I always thought, what should I do so that I can teach a lesson to all such monsters? How can I empower women to fight this oppression?
Swati also admits that she was able to come out of this trauma because of her mother, aunt and grandmother. Swati admitted that if my mother, aunts and younger siblings were not in my life, I would not have been able to come out of this childhood trauma.
Swati did not say much about her father’s sexual abuse, nor did she need to. While most of the women start to forget such incidents in their childhood and avoid even mentioning them, it is a big deal that Swati Maliwal had the courage to speak about the abuse that happened to her. Swati’s courage to reveal the atrocities on her by mentioning her father is huge. Swati Maliwal should be saluted for this courage.
Swati’s epitaph is also similar to Khushbu Sundar. Khushboo’s real name is Nakhat Khan and Khushboo belongs to a Muslim family in Mumbai. Brought up in Mumbai, Khushbu started her film career as a child artist. Khushbu, who was recently appointed to the National Commission for Women, admitted in an interview that she was a victim of her father’s lust since she was only eight years old. Her mother, who believed her husband to be God, kept silent for fear that she would not believe this and could not show the courage to tell her.
Because of this, the father continued to sexually abuse her for eight years. Finally, when Khushbu turned 15, she dared to raise her voice against her father’s misdeeds and threatened to break the pot. The cycle of sexual abuse stopped when Khushbu stopped submitting to her father. Khushbu’s mother’s name is Najma Khan, but she was not ready to reveal her father’s name. After this interview, people came to know why Khushbu never mentioned her father’s name till now. After seeing Khushbu’s violent behavior, her father leaves Khushbu and her mother in a room in Chennai. Khushbu didn’t have any food so she had to go without food for many days. However, it did not matter much because if Khushbu had remained subservient to her father, her exploitation would have continued for the rest of her life.
Khushbu Sundar and Swati Maliwal’s childhood experiences are shocking and it makes you cringe to hear them. The question of how a father can become a greedy beast and make his daughter a victim of lust
arise in the mind.
When a girl is physically abused at a young age, she is not only physically abused but also mentally abused. It is the father’s responsibility to protect the daughter from any such exploitation. Instead, the father himself exploits him and cannot even find words to hate him. It makes me cringe to hear that there are such lovers in the world, but unfortunately, many girls have experiences like Khushbu Sundar and Swati Maliwal in their childhood.
The father of the girl is said to be responsible for this exploitation. Rather, he is a capital offender, but the family members are also responsible. A small child can’t speak poorly and even when his own father is doing this, he can’t do anything, so he has to endure these atrocities. Most innocent children suffer unbearable mental and physical torture but many children dare to speak at a young age. However, in most cases, the family members do not believe it. If the family members believe his words, they keep the child silent for fear of the so-called disgrace of the family. Even in Khushbu’s case, she could not dare to say anything to her mother because she was afraid that her mother, who believed her husband to be God, would not believe me. This is the state of mind of most young children.
In fact, every family should keep a constant watch on their children. If there is a change in the child’s behavior, if the child seems secretive or behaves contrary to nature, then you should talk to him immediately, give him warmth and find out the reason. Child sexual abuse data says that 30 percent of those who sexually abuse children are the girl’s or boy’s brother, father, cousin, uncle, maternal uncle, aunt, fua, etc., while 60 percent are family friends, neighbors, teachers, etc.
In these circumstances, the responsibility of the female members of the family is special. In order for the children to be safe even from the men of the family, they have to be constantly alert, they have to keep a fortification around them. Only then cases like Khushbu or Swati will stop.

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