SUV pulls into a cafe as podcasters record a show

by Ana Lopez

A podcaster dreamed that his new show would be a big hit, but not like this.

Nathan Reeves was finishing his interview with friend Alexsey Reyes for his new podcast when disaster struck. While the two were filming at a local cafe, a speeding SUV swerved off the road and crashed into a glass window right behind them.

The two were filming the series for Reeves’s Youtube Channelso all the action was captured on video.

Miraculously, no one was injured in the dramatic incident.

“It was a complete shock at first,” Reeves told the website Jalopnick. “After making sure everyone was okay and no one had died, we thought, ‘Oh my God. I can’t believe we have this on film.’

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Lucky to be alive

Reeves is still piecing together the day’s events. The two had positioned themselves at a window at the Tout Suite cafe in Houston overlooking the street. “It’s gotten so quiet in here,” Reeves told Reyes in what could be ominously described as the calm before the storm.

Seconds later, a black Chevy Tahoe appears in the frame and heads straight for them, shattering the glass – and their nerves.

What caused the accident?

Houston police have yet to say, but Reeves offered his perspective.

“I’m pretty sure the black SUV ran a red light and got swept to the side and then drove right into us,” he said.

Immediately after the crash, Reyes and Roy can be seen gathering. The two initially seem more concerned with the podcast than with their own lives. “I think we’re OK. I think we’ve got all the audio there,” Reyes says.

The two told Jalopnik that at first they felt nothing but the adrenaline rushing through their bodies. But a few days later, they both had stiffness in their backs and went to see a doctor. “We’re just glad no one died,” Reyes said.

When asked about making the video public, the two admitted they couldn’t pass up an excellent opportunity for publicity. The video was posted to YouTube and has gone viral.

“We decided we would just make the best of a really bad situation,” Reyes said.

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