Surendranagar: A one and a half year old girl has been suspected to have been Misdemeanor in Thangadh area Surendranagar

by Ana Lopez

The family members were outraged when the body of the girl was found in a disorderly manner and took the body to the hospital. The doctor made a preliminary assumption that the dead girl had been raped during the investigation.

It has been alleged that a one-and-a-half-year-old girl was raped in Thangarh area of ​​Surendranagar. After the burial, the body of the girl child was found in a chaotic condition and there is a fear of rape. The family members were furious after the girl’s body was found in a disorderly manner and reached the hospital with the body. Where the doctor in the investigation expressed a preliminary guess that the dead girl had been raped. Due to which the body of the girl was taken to Rajkot for postmortem.

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It will be known only after the post-mortem whether the girl was raped or not. At present, the outraged family members have demanded strict action against those who did such an act with the dead girl. It is important that the treatment of the sick girl from birth was ongoing. Meanwhile, on February 25, the girl died during treatment.

Another case of abuse came to light

Even before this, an incident of rape was also seen in Rajkot. A 17-year-old Sagira who came to do housework at Palm Universe Apartment near Saurashtra University in the city was lodged a complaint at the university police station that a man named Hitesh Brahmabhat, who worked as a watchman in the same apartment, raped her three times and made her pregnant.

Based on the complaint of Sagira’s mother, the police have registered a case against Hitesh for rape and under the POCSO section and started searching for him. According to the complaint filed by the victim’s mother, the financial condition of her family is very poor. To help the family, her daughter used to work as a housekeeper in some flats of Palm Universe Apartments.

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