Surat: In Varachha a youth was fatally attacked by four people with a paddle for something as trivial as sitting on a verandah.

by Ana Lopez

Surat: 4 people attacked a youth with a paddle in a general brawl in Ghanshyam Nagar area of ​​Varachha. In which the young man was seriously injured. The young man was shifted to the hospital for treatment. The Varacha police have registered a case and are investigating the entire matter.

SuratIncidents of fights often come up in, in which 4 people attacked a youth with a paddle in Ghanshyam Nagar area of ​​Varachha area of ​​Surat. Following the attack, the seriously injured youth was shifted to the hospital for treatment. Varachha police registered a case and started investigation in the whole matter. In Ghanshyam Nagar society, Ratna artist named Budha Bhai was passing by, during which around 4 people later started abusing Budha Bhai. Budha Bhai fatally attacked all the four Isamo Budhabhai with a paddle as they resisted.

Also, his mobile phone was stolen. After that, the victim reached Chali Road from there. where he was bleeding profusely. So 108 were called by pedestrians and were shifted to Smither Hospital for treatment. It is important that the police became alert after the incident of attack with a paddle came to light in the Varachha police station area. In the event of an attack on a pedestrian, the police immediately registered a case and set the wheels in motion to nab the four accused.

Incidents of violent and fatal assaults are seen increasing over small talk. Due to this, they are having a big fight within the normal matter. We often hear about such incidents. At that time, the uproar that took place in Varachha area of ​​Surat was only about sitting on Otla. The incident leading up to the fatal attack was carried out inside it. At present, the local police are conducting further investigation into the crime. But sometimes such a small matter reaches to the extent of losing people’s lives

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Youth doing yoga dies after falling

Meanwhile, a 44-year-old man has died while doing yoga in Surat. 44-year-old Mukeshbhai complained of stomach irritation and acidity while doing yoga at the Harekrishna Party plot near Kiran Chowk in Surat. Later, after freshening up, he fell down while starting yoga. Later he was shifted to the hospital for immediate treatment. Doctors on duty declared the person dead.

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