Sunday will be heavy on the natives of this zodiac sign

by Ana Lopez

Aries: The close person will get wealth. Do something new in your work. You will get to spend good time with your spouse. There will be some pressure in the mind, keep the mind calm. Do not take any decision in haste. Offer water to Tulsi Mata.
Taurus: Investments made today can benefit you. You can make a new plan for any work. You will be able to spend good time with the people close to you. Health will be good today. If you are careless in any work, it will be your loss. Feed the fish flour.
Mithnu Rashi: Your financial condition may improve today. Efforts made for work will be successful. Good time will be spent with friends and family. Fatigue and anxiety will haunt. Help others with understanding. Offer milk and water on Shivlinga.
Cancer: Money can be received from seniors in the house. Someone else will take credit for your work. Give your partner time. Exercise daily to stay healthy. Talk sensibly today. Read religious books.
Leo: Today you will be able to save. The day will pass only if done daily. Get along with the people around you. health will be good. Do not be stubborn in hard work. Donate rice and milk to the needy.
Virgo: Spend wisely. People will be annoying in business. Try to keep your partner happy. The mind will be depressed due to the theft of valuables. Don’t be too greedy. Worship Lord Rama.
Libra: Money transactions can happen today. Experienced people will make your work successful. There may be a dispute with a close person. Take care of mother’s health. Be careful in transactions. Donate red clothes and bangles to the girls.
Scorpio: Children’s studies may cost money. Keep up with partners. Relationships with friends may deteriorate. Spouse’s health may deteriorate. Stay away from any unknown woman. Donate yogurt if not milk.
Sagittarius: Today there may be financial gain. Business will expand. Spend time with children today. Health can be bad due to pollution. Avoid taking any decision in doubt. Donate a flag to a religious place.
Capricorn : There will be great benefits due to new partnership. Today you will get full support from the co-workers. Relationship with father may deteriorate. Take care of your food and drink. Don’t argue with anyone today.
Aquarius: Today there will be sudden gain of wealth. Right decisions will benefit you at work. There may be a clash with an elder person in the family. There is a possibility of injury. Drive the car. Control your anger. Offer yellow flower to Lord Vishnu.
Pisces: You will earn money but at the same time expenses will also increase. A big deal will get out of hand today. There will be discord in the family. Overthinking will cause headaches. Do not talk to any woman. Keep some small silver item with you

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