Style tips for Zoom meetings you attend virtually

by Ana Lopez

As we’ve jumped into the era of continuous Zoom meetings and virtual hangouts, there’s a whole new universe of fashion and beauty concerns to consider.

Your go-to look is great in person — but are there intrusive or mediocre visions of you on screen with your colleagues or friends? Does your wardrobe show traces of it Zoom fatigue?

Several fashion experts spoke with producer Amy Olson, designer Lagi Nadeau and stylist Lisa Marie McComb about clothing for virtual encounters at a fashion show. And Zoom herself has provided great help and tips on how to look better on screen.

Experts have given us time hacks, and early preparation for your Zoom meetings is a way to hack your day.

Get started for your Zoom days

Open your blinds and curtains, and let the light stream in to present your best self on Zoom. According to Amy Olson, the optimal lighting is towards the window because natural light illuminates your entire face.

The manufacturer suggests that you test the lighting on the camera for your video conference. Testing ensures that the location appears clear and that you get your meeting off to a good start. She suggests placing a lamp behind your computer or phone to brighten up the room if you need extra light. She even suggests removing a lampshade to increase the amount of light. Olson also suggests framing the shot ahead of time by noticing what’s behind you in the camera’s perspective and clearing the background of clutter.

These days you can even buy great-looking “fake” wallpapers that you can change before the meeting.

Outfit suggestions for a Zoom meeting

For virtual meetings, our experts recommend using vibrant jewel tones. The more brilliant the color, the better. Sapphire blue, emerald green and amethyst purple are all great choices – the brighter the better.

Lisa Marie McComb adds that she generally dresses in basics: navy blue, gray, black, camel and white. But she’s changed her mind about “waist-up” gatherings. Wearing a magical shade boosts your mood. People see your attitude on Zoom.

According to the stylist, bright patterns and designs also work well on camera. She adds bold stripes to attract positive attention.

Choose tight-fitting shirts and sweaters for the best form of video wear, according to Olson.

If your shirts still seem loose on camera, try tucking extra fabric behind your back and into your waistband.

Experts say the public would be surprised at how many pins people use. Pins create shape on the body when styling professionals for photo shoots, says Olson. The same can happen for Zoom meetings: you may decide to use a clothespin to trim away excess fabric and create a waistline.

Since the camera focuses on your face and décolleté, Nadeau suggests using unusual clothing features. Something like a tie blouse or a camisole with a jacket and scarf.

Prior to your Zoom appointment, the designer suggests running an exercise on camera. When you’re in front of the camera, it reads differently, she explains.

Wear slacks or a dress with shoes. According to insiders, you would do that for a personal professional interview or job interview. According to Olson, it’s crucial to wear head-to-toe, even if the camera doesn’t capture your bottom half. Wearing shoes helps you feel more grounded and balanced.

Although it is fashionable to wear stacked bracelets and chandelier earrings, they can interfere with the video microphone. Stick to essential accessories to be on the safe side, adds Olson.

Getting to know your cosmetics for Zoom screentime

You may need to add extra makeup for Zoom as the video camera can bleach your complexion.

According to Olson, the cheekbones, highlighters and bronzers can contour the face and give depth to the camera. Meanwhile, top eyeliner and mascara can open the eyes.

Apply concealer under the eyes, on top of the eyelid and just below the eyebrow from the center to the edge as a highlighter. According to McComb, you’ll look well rested for your meeting.

According to the stylist, choose a foundation shade that is one shade lighter than your skin tone and mix it with your makeup. After that, sprinkle a small layer of face powder over the T-zone to reduce any shine, as the camera tends to increase shine on the face.

Apply a touch of lip color, such as coral red lipstick, to complete your look. Alternatively, McComb recommends using a tinted lip balm to give your lips a natural color and keep them from looking dry.

Comb back any stray hairs before your meeting. The light always seems to grab and highlight flyaway hair — “so use a hair treatment or pomade to smooth out dry or flyaway hair,” explains Nadeau.

Finally, Olson recommends using Zoom’s face-correcting filters, such as Touch Up My Appearance, to soften your appearance and even out your skin tone.


Whatever look you’re after, make sure to try it out ahead of time for your Zoom meetings. You want to leave the type of impression you chose for yourself. You no longer have to worry about your background, lighting and work look items once these decisions are made and you have your Zoom studio set.

Featured Image Credit: Photo by Jack Sparrow; Pexels; Thank you!

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