Story Re Story: Read this before doing Parki Panchaat

by Ana Lopez

The tendency to pry into the lives of others is only human. Some are eager to know a little less and some more. The purpose of many is to know about that person only, while many are fond of gossiping or gossiping about others. Such people are adept at taking things from others by speaking very sweetly. In every business there are such panchatiyas because information about the competitor is obtained from them.
But when we are busy knowing about others, when will we know ourselves, when will we understand. Getting information is important, but why do we fill our brain with things that we have no relation with. Also, by doing such slander, we sour the relationship and instead of loving, judging the other person instead of adopting. Doubt, confusion, distance all arise from these unwanted things. No matter how close a person is, one must know about him.
Does not freeze? So let’s learn this from Socrates…
A friend once came to Socrates. He came and said I want to tell you something about another friend of yours. He was about to say something when Socrates stopped him. Socrates asked him three questions. The first thing you say is my friend’s good side or weak side. That friend said that there is a weak side. Another question was whether what you are going to say is hundred percent true or you are also telling me what someone told me.

The friend said that it cannot be said that it is 100 percent true, but it must be true if it has been discussed in the mouth of the people. Then came the third and important question that this directly affects me, that is, if I don’t know, something big will happen. The friend said no, it’s not a big deal but… just then the thing is not good, not true and it doesn’t matter whether we know it or not, then why do we need to know… the poor friend couldn’t say anything.

In life we ​​take for granted many things which we do not need. Hence, just like giving the body the necessary food, the mind should also eat as much as it needs. Why is it right to gather straw in the brain of Nahak?

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