Story Ray Story: Very angry….so just two minutes…read this

by Ana Lopez

Anger, resentment, rage is a natural human trait. It is natural for us to get angry when even gods and sages used to get angry, not humans. Anger at the right thing, at the right place and properly expressed is justified, but if this anger turns into anger and at that time we take an unwise step, we have no choice but to regret it for life. Every day we read in the newspapers that a fight or murder takes place over a small matter or a major crime is committed. So let us know the story of one such merchant who, instead of doing something in anger, listened to a fakir and was saved from committing a great sin.
There was a merchant in a village. He was born in a happy family, but was very hardworking and ambitious. He expressed his wish to his father that he wanted to go abroad to do business and go far. The father refused at first but then gave in to his stubbornness. There mother insisted that if you go abroad, only on one condition. First you get married and then go, so that we have hope that you will come back. The young man obeyed his mother. He got married to a very cultured girl. After marriage, the wife supported the husband and agreed with his desire to go abroad. Husband went abroad. He went there and earned a lot by his cleverness. Meanwhile, a daughter was born at her house here in the village. Father was very happy and Aur started earning by working hard. 18-19 years passed by doing this. Now I remembered home and village. Family missed. So he gathered as much as he had collected and left to come back to the village. The family was not told. From abroad he boarded a steamer. In a big ship he sailed. He was lost in sweet dreams of meeting his family. There he saw Baba who looked like a fakir. Baba looked bright in face, but a little depressed. The merchant started talking to them. In the conversation he came to know that Baba had come abroad that people would listen to his lectures and he would earn well. But no one came to consult him or visit him and he had to return after earning nothing. It occurred to the merchant that this country has given me a lot. If Baba is empty handed, I will give him something. He told Baba that you advise me and in return I will give you whatever you say. Baba says think. I have to give what I ask for. The merchant agreed. Baba gave him only one sentence advice in the discourse that if ever anger comes in life, think for two minutes before doing anything. The merchant felt strange that Baba was saying this something new. Is this called a little lecture? But what to argue with Fakir ? So he said Baba say what give? Fakir directly asked for five gold stamps. The merchant was in a dilemma. Five gold stamps for one sentence of advice? But what he had promised to do, he gave the gold seal. The journey was over and the village was reached. The businessman reached home to meet his family and see his daughter. He knew how to open the door from the back of the house. It was late night. He was a goldsmith. The husband entered the house through the back door after putting the luggage etc. He went straight to his room. He was speechless at what he saw by the light of the lantern. A wife was sleeping on the bed and next to her was a turbaned young man in his twenties. The husband lost his senses. He did not see day or night. He worked hard for the family. Some day the stranger did not look at the woman and what is the wife doing? The businessman’s anger knew no bounds. He left the room straight away and was walking towards the room with the sword hanging on the living room wall when he suddenly remembered Fakir Baba’s words to think for two minutes before getting angry. He hesitated for a moment, but what was there to think about? Everything is in front of the eyes. As he started to walk forward again, the sword slipped from his hand and landed directly on the brass flower vase. The flower vase fell down and there was a sound. Soon the wife woke up. When I looked outside, my husband was standing. He was angry, but in the light of the lantern nothing so special was visible. Seeing her husband after twenty years of absence, she was overwhelmed and embraced him. There was no deception in his touch. The merchant loosened his embrace a little. He still asked why the turbaned man came out of the door, but what is this? The turban of the turban came off and a tall thin girl with long hair came out. While he was still thinking, the wife said she recognized…this is our daughter…the merchant looked at her dress…then the wife said today was a festival in Pattangan of the temple. She became a farmer in the play. It was too late when we came home. So he fell asleep in the clothes I was wearing. The merchant’s eyes were filled with tears. He remembered Fakir Baba again. Now he realized the value of that one sentence advice. Now he felt that Baba charged very little price from me. Even if I had asked for the whole wealth in exchange for what I got, it would have been less.
It is understood, friend, what one sees with one’s eyes or hears with one’s ears is often wrong. So control anger and just think for two minutes when angry…

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