Story Ray Story: Doomsday or Purushartha? The bank locker will answer this question

by Ana Lopez

Sunil and Kamal were chatting at Ramnikbhai’s grocery shop at the Society’s gate. It came out about silver. About Rajat’s progress, Sunil said that if the last ten years have passed, now the hard work is paying off. How has the business settled, bought two cars and registered a new flat. Kamal was shocked there. Everyone works hard, don’t we? But if you push your luck, you will get all this, otherwise, like us, the life of a two-room kitchen flat and a bike is lost. Jami between both about hard work and luck. Sarlaben came there and joined them. The discussion gained momentum. Soon Bhavin and Natasha also joined. Ramnikbhai’s wife Shobhanaben also came. All developed philosophies based on their own experiences. All these were discussing without tea when Madhuriben came. Madhuriben was a retired teacher and everyone respected her in the society. Also take advice from them. When Madhuri asked the reason why they all met at Barabpore, she came to know that they all came to Ramanik Bhai’s shop to buy goods, but instead sat down to chat. Madhuriben asked that on which subject are you all stuck? Sobhanaben told the whole thing. Well, Rajat has employed everyone… Yes, but what do you think Madhuriben, asked Sunil. Madhuriben thought first and then took out the bank locker key from her purse. No one could understand. Madhuriben said that I went to the bank today. I also had the key. No matter how much I tried, the locker did not open. Everyone was surprised. Sarlaben hesitated and said that Madhuriben, the bank officer also has to insert his own key… from where to open the rest of the lockers. Madhuriben smiled and said that the same is true of Prarabdha and Purushartha. The key you have in your hand belongs to Purushartha and fortune says that God has the key in His hand is Prarabda and both of them open the locker. But, yes, the locker is ours, so our job is to put the key of Purushartha. Sometimes the banker takes some time to find our key, but if we insert the right key, the banker doesn’t mind, he will insert his own key. But the initiative has to be taken by us, i.e. by men. Everyone was satisfied after hearing Madhuriben’s words. However, everyone had come home after leaving work, so they finished talking and went home with their belongings.
It happens to all of us that other people’s luck shines brighter than ours. It often happens that one person has to work hard to get something and the other gets it almost ready. Or it may happen that someone of lesser ability overtakes us. Luck or good timing does its work, but if that key is not in our hands, then we keep on putting the key to manhood, fate sometimes will put the key to doom…

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