Spotify is revamping its podcaster tools, including Anchor, and partnering with Patreon

by Ana Lopez

In addition to news related to the mobile app revamp and the introduction of TikTok-style music and podcast discovery feeds, Spotify today announced podcast news at its Stream On event in LA this morning. The company showed off a redesigned version of its Spotify for Podcasters dashboard, which will now work to better organize its create, manage, grow and monetize tools in one place.

This change includes a new consolidation of the Anchor podcast creation service, acquired for $154 million back in 2019. Late last year, the company weighed in on whether to do away with the Anchor brand, in a survey it sent out to makers. At the time, it was considering renaming the service “Spotify Creator Studio”.

Now Spotify says Anchor will become part of Spotify for Podcasters.

As a result of this integration, Spotify’s Dashboard for Podcasters becomes more powerful.

When creators log in to the new dashboard, they can see data on how their show is performing and create or upload their episodes instantly or add more features to existing episodes. They can also now add videos, Q&As or polls, or dig into analytics to see how their show is performing or learn more about listening habits. This section also shows when their podcasts are added to playlists.

“Previously, most of these features were only available to creators hosted on Anchor,” said Alex Cooper, “Call Her Daddy” podcast host, who presented the features.

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At today’s event, Spotify shared how the new Spotify for Podcasters would now become more of a one-stop shop for creators, not only centralizing access to all the tools Spotify offers, but also later expanding its hosting solution for corporate publishers, Megaphone, to integrate. , directly in the Spotify for Podcasters product. Netflix and Australia’s Schwartz Media have been announced as two of the newest publishers.

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The changes come as Spotify’s podcast strategy has been revamped, which saw an exec restructuring including the departure of key execs, including Dawn Ostroff, its former chief content and advertising business officer who led the company’s podcast expansion, and, more recently, Max Cutter, founder of Parcast, a company that bought Spotify in 2019 for $55 million. Gimlet co-founder Last year, Alex Blumberg also left and Anchor co-founder Michael Mignano left last summer.

In addition to the dashboard updates, Spotify said it would also make its video podcasting features and interactive tools for podcasters more widely available. Spotify’s interactive podcast polls and Q&As were publicly available through the Anchor creation app in 2021, reaching 160 markets.

Another interesting piece of news was the announcement of a new partnership with Patreon, which the company said will enable creators to expand their creative business through direct payments from fans, and allow fans to access their Patreon content. to listen on Spotify.

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At the event, podcast creators Alex Cooper, Emma Chamberlain, Mark Fishbach, Hasan Minhaj, Bill Simmons and others will share details about their new series. Spotify and DC also said they would be launching a new podcast series focused on The Riddler.

The company offered an update on the Spotify Audience Network, the audio-first marketplace that also connects podcast publishers and independent creators with advertisers. It said monthly payouts to opted-in publishers have increased by almost 50% and advertiser participation has increased by 500%. And the number of independent and business podcasters using the service has grown more than 700% in the past two years. NPR is a new addition.

Podcasters are getting a new feature today, as part of the larger Spotify app refresh. The company said that as with music, it will now include Autoplay for Podcasts. This means that when a podcast ends, it automatically starts playing another relevant episode that suits the user’s taste.

The new Spotify for Podcasters is now live.

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