Speculations about The Seven Deadly Sins: Origin release date

by Ana Lopez

The Seven Deadly Sins: Origin is an upcoming sequel to Netmarble’s hit RPG adventure, The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross. Inspired by the anime and manga juggernaut, The Seven Deadly Sins, the game follows the story of Grand Cross and takes you on a fresh open-world action adventure with a multiverse-based story and a brand new protagonist. But when is the Seven Deadly Sins: Origin release date? Here’s everything we know so far.

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When is the Seven Deadly Sins: Origin release date?

Netmarble has not yet confirmed the release date of The Seven Deadly Sins: Origin, though the game appears to be coming to PC, Android, and iOS sometime in 2023. We’ll be sure to update this guide as soon as we have more information.

How can I sign up for the Seven Deadly Sins: Origin pre-registrations?

You can pre-register for The Seven Deadly Sins: Origin through the game’s TapTap page. Just log in or create a TapTap account, then hit the big green ‘pre-register’ button for Android or iOS. We haven’t found a way to pre-register for the PC version yet, but we’ll add new information here as soon as there are more details.

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Is there a trailer for The Seven Deadly Sins: Origin?

You can check out the first trailer for The Seven Deadly Sins: Origin above to get a glimpse of the thrilling open-world action that awaits you. With the beautiful 3D graphics, collecting and exploration mechanics, and fast-paced action-style combat, it looks like we’re in for a truly awesome experience. However, we can’t help but think that the world bears a striking resemblance to the Genshin Impact map, especially the city that looks a lot like Mondstadt!

There is also a second one The Seven Deadly Sins: Origin trailerwhich gives us development footage where the protagonist explores the city and climbs on top of a giant’s hand, different characters galloping through the wild world and taking on a bunch of bad guys, and other mechanics like fishing, flying, puzzle solving, and horseback riding.

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