Speculation on the Among Us 2 release date

by Ana Lopez

Among Us, InnerSloth’s version of the party game Mafia, took the gaming world by storm with its simple and engaging gameplay mechanics, focus on social interaction, and its intuitive cross-play between the mobile and PC versions of the game. Unfortunately, if you’re looking for a Among Us 2 release date, you’re out of luck, since Among Us 2 has been canceled. But have no fear little space beans, Innersloth plans to add all of the content intended for Among Us 2 to the original game, including updated social systems and even new player roles.

We’ve taken a look at what’s to come for Among Us, but keep in mind that this is a small independent studio and plans are subject to change, especially during the pandemic. If you want to learn more about Among Us, check out our Among Us character, Among Us hats, Among Us cards, and Among Us background guides.

Here’s everything we know about Among Us 2

Among Us 2 was announced in August 2020, initially aiming to improve upon the raw framework of the original game. “[Among Us] really wasn’t made to be that big,” InnerSloth wrote in a blog post. “This makes it extremely difficult to add more stuff without breaking existing stuff… so Among Us 2’s first goal is to make sure it can withstand growth.”

Among Us character standing over a lava pit

However, the sequel was canceled a month later and “all content” planned for it must be implemented in the original game. “Seeing how much people are enjoying Among Us 1, we really want to support the game and take it to the next level,” says the developers wrote September 2020.

It’s exciting to have more player roles in the works besides Crewmate and Imposter, though InnerSloth is “not far enough into the design to confirm any roles or how they’ll work”. Other planned features include a game mode with up to 15 players for three impostors and improved matchmaking “to better support custom modes and skill levels”.

Among Us player performing a scan

Innersloth is also “close” to implementing accounts in the game, as well as improved moderation features to counter hacking and toxicity, after which the team plans to localize the game to more than a dozen languages, such as French and German. Innersloth is also working on social features such as a friends system and saved stats and plans to implement dedicated servers and colorblind support.

Speculation on Among Us release date

Among Us is now available to play on Xbox One and Series X and S as part of Game Pass or by purchasing the game! Like all other versions of the game, it has crossplay so you can play with all your friends on different platforms.

Under our airship

One of the features planned for Among Us 2 has now been brought to the original game. The Among Us Airship is a map that launched in March 2021 and is smaller than the previous largest map, Polus. It’s perfect for large groups of players due to its size, which can be explored via a system of ladders and a floating platform in the interspace.

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The airship offers four ventilation systems that allow you to navigate great distances with ease, as well as the dark and dangerous maze of electricity, which can give an impostor an edge. If you’re a crew member, though, all’s not lost – the terminal in security and the cockpit allow you to keep an eye on different rooms, which might just help you catch a traitor in the act.

And that’s all we know about Among Us 2 at this point. If you’re a fan of Among Us and looking for more multiplayer mayhem, check out our list of the best mobile multiplayer games today. Or check out our picks for the best mobile RPGs and best mobile horror games across a variety of titles.

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