Speak, Your Hearth Can Predict Your Health…

by Ana Lopez

World Health Day: Speak Up, Your Hearth Can Predict Your Health…
As it is World Health Day today, an important information has recently been discovered to predict good or bad times by looking at the constellations. Similarly, by looking at the MRI scan of your heart through Artificial Intelligence (AI), you can know how much risk you have.
Heart is a machine that delivers blood to the body. Also, in a recent study, researchers said that this part of the body can predict your health. So how healthy will you be in the future?, what is the percentage of chances of you getting a heart attack?, whether you will ever get a heart attack or not?, the researchers took the help of artificial intelligence i.e. AI. Of course, you may be surprised to know that scientists at Stanford University in California conducted a study that found out which people are at risk of heart disease.
People with round-shaped hearts have a 47 percent higher risk of developing cardiomyopathy than others, according to research from the Mayo Clinic. Cardiomyopathy is a disease of the heart muscle. In this disease, the heart muscle becomes stiff and swollen and has difficulty pumping blood, so many people have heart attacks later. However, for this research, the MRI scans of 38,897 people were analyzed. Also, whether someone in the family already has heart disease or not, and what the genetic markers of such people are. This was also analyzed. The result was that people with round heart shape are at risk of developing heart disease. According to doctors, the shape of the heart is like a cone. If it is becoming round, it is a sign that the pressure on the heart is increasing and its ability to pump blood is decreasing. It is worth noting here that in ten years, heart attack deaths in India have increased by almost 75% and 4 out of 10 heart attack deaths in the country are under 45 years of age.

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