Sonu Sood will make Bihar’s viral boy Amarjit’s dream come true, the actor said this big thing! – Bihar viral boy Amarjit’s dream will come true and meet Sonu Sood

by Ana Lopez

Amarjeet Jaikar Meet Sonu Sood : Amarjeet Jaikar from Bihar who has gone viral on social media with his melodious voice. She has met Bollywood actor Sonu Sood. A picture of Amarjeet with the actor has surfaced.

For artists living in small villages or towns Social media A big platform has emerged. Whose art cannot advance. Many such on the internet these days The video went viral happens Which directly touches people’s hearts. Recently lived in Bihar Amarjit Jaykar A video of a named boy created a lot of discussion on social media. This boy with his singing Millions of hearts had won.

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After hearing the voice of Amarjeet Jaykar, Bollywood actor Sonu Sood also fell in love with him, after which Sonu Sood called him to Mumbai. This information was given by Amarjit himself. He said that Sonu Sood has given him an opportunity to sing in his upcoming film Fateh and now Amarjeet has reached Mumbai to meet the actor.

Sonu Sood said this

After going to Mumbai, Amarjeet has met Sonu Sood, whose photo he shared on Twitter. In the photo that has surfaced, Sonu Sood is seen keeping his hand on Amarjeet’s shoulder. Posting this picture, Amarjeet wrote in the caption, “You are the reason why I got some recognition in whole India, Sonu Sood Sir.” Sonu Sood has retweeted this picture of Amarjit and wrote, “The name of Bihar will rise brother”. In addition, the actor has also put a red heart emoji.

Users praised Sonu Sudhana

This photo of Amarjeet with Sonu Sood is going viral on social media. Fans are praising the actor a lot. One user commented, “Proud of you Sonu Sood Sir.” Another user commented that you are the messiah of the poor. Another user wrote, “Aap mil gaye to jahan mil gaya.” At the same time, one person called Sonu Sood a real hero. Let us tell you that Sonu Sood helped many people during the Corona epidemic and since then he is always seen standing for the poor. Her fans love this style.

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