Songs of Silence artistically combines real-time tactics and card battles

by Ana Lopez

Songs of Silence is a new title in development by Chimera Entertainment and features the music of acclaimed producer Hitoshi Sakimoto. Sakimoto’s music will be set to a beautiful art style, unique real-time card-based combat, roguelike mechanics and rich lore.

The official Songs of Silence Twitter states that Songs of Silence is a strategy game “with a mix of turn-based kingdom management, exploration and hero development, contrasted with short and intense real-time combat.” This mechanical mixing makes Songs of Silence look like a fresh take on the RTS genre.

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Songs of Silence features a single-player narrative campaign where you explore two fantasy worlds confronted by an all-consuming silence. You can also play competitive PvP to show off your strategic skills. No matter how you play, you’ll be engrossed in the beautiful aesthetic of Songs of Silence.

Cards of Faith represent player actions – in battle, while exploring and managing your kingdom. Choose from a roster of heroes, each with different cards and abilities, as you attempt to lead your faction to victory and escape the Silence.

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