Snipperclips will soon slide into the Nintendo Switch Online game trial

by Ana Lopez

As far as launch games for the Nintendo Switch go, Breath of the Wild still dominates the pack, but a small title also has a significant audience and remains one of the most entertaining puzzle titles on the platform. Well, if you’re in the mood for a new puzzle title, the Trial version of Snipperclips Nintendo Switch Online game is the perfect opportunity.

Nintendo Switch Online members in the EU can download and play Snipperclips on the Nintendo Switchstarting January 27, 2023 and lasting until February 3, 2023. That’s plenty of time to get through the title’s many fun puzzles, as long as you can avoid fighting with your friends long enough to actually get some things done!

If you’ve yet to try it, Snipperclips is a physics-based puzzle game where players control the titular Snipperclip and must cut each other into specific shapes to overcome the many challenges. For example, you can cut yourself into a point to pop balloons, make a hole to catch a ball, and much more. It’s wholesome family fun and this free demo is the perfect time to give it a try.

If you want to get a glimpse of the adorable puzzle title, check out the Snipperclips launch trailer below.

youtube thumbnail

That’s it for now folks, but if the news has you craving some puzzle action, be sure to check out our guide to the best Switch puzzle games next.

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