Slots with the best preferred items in Fortnite

by Ana Lopez

Fortnite is a battle royale game in which things can quickly turn sour when you encounter opponents. In a combat situation, knowing which quick bet to make Fortnite has which loot becomes a winning factor as you have to juggle between weapons and deadly items to avoid reloading. This is where Preferred Item Slots come into play. Keep reading our guide as we talk about using the Preferred Item Slots setting in Fortnite while sharing the best we prefer.

What are Preferred Items in Fortnite?

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The Preferred Item Slots is a game setting in Fortnite which allows players to assign a weapon type to a particular slot.

Once the slots are assigned and a player picks up the given weapon during a match, it will automatically go to the preset preferred slot.

To put it more simply, say you have Assault Rifle set to slot 3 in the Preferred Item Slots setting. After that, when you pick up an assault rifle during a match, you’ll find it in the third slot.

Now you might be wondering, “what if I pick up the same weapon, but with a higher rarity?” In this case, your lower rarity weapon will be automatically replaced by the higher rarity weapon while maintaining the specified preference in the Preferred Items setting.

If you pick up unassigned items, they will also go into the first empty box (from left to right). However, it will be replaced when you pick up the weapon type assigned to that slot.

How to set favorite item slots in Fortnite

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If you didn’t know about the Preferred Item Slots feature in Fortnitehere’s how to enable and configure it:

  • Open Fortnite.
  • Click on the three lines on the left side of the lobby screen.

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  • Now click on the gear-like icon with three lines and then on the Settings option.
  • Navigate to the second tab and scroll until you find Preferred Item Slots.
  • Click Configure.

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  • Use the arrow keys to set your preferences.
  • Finally, apply the changes by clicking the Apply button.

Slots with the best preferred items in Fortnite

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When it comes to the best Preferred Item Slots in Fortniteit mainly depends on your preference and what you already have in your muscle memory.

Still, here are the best Preferred Item Slots in Fortnite which prove to be more efficient than randomly assigned slots:

Preferred item box 1

  • Equipment slot 1 -> Shotgun
  • Equipment slot 2 -> assault rifle
  • Equipment slot 3 -> Sniper rifle
  • Equipment slot 4 -> Utilities
  • Equipment slot 5 -> Consumable

Preferred item box 2

  • Equipment slot 1 -> Shotgun
  • Equipment slot 2 -> SMG
  • Equipment slot 3 -> assault rifle
  • Equipment slot 4 -> Sniper rifle
  • Equipment slot 5 -> Consumable

That concludes our guide to the best Preferred Item Slots in Fortnite. For more about Fortnitekeep reading GGRecon.

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