Silent Hill’s original Pyramid Head design is pure nightmare fuel

by Ana Lopez

It hardly needs to be said, but Silent Hill is pretty scary. Sorry if we are the ones who told you.

The series has long been the reference point for horror video games, and even the most chilling new IPs can’t top it or resident evil from their throne of recognizability.

One of the biggest reasons for this is undoubtedly Pyramid Head, the giant sword-dragging beast that occupies the iconic second game of the series.

Pyramid Head has since become the main source of terror for fans. But once he was different. And much, much scarier.

Silent Hill 2’s designer reveals Pyramid Head’s first concept

The original creature designer of silent hill 2Masahiro Ito, has unveiled the first artwork that led to the creation of Pyramid Head.

While Ito has often expressed his contempt for those chasing him for outlandish details about the series, this seems to be a tidbit he’s happy to share.

The first iteration of Pyramid Head is in a painting called 3310, which Ito created in 1999 after working on the first Silent Hill game.

“I thought of the object in the center of this photo as a character the main character encountered in the water from a story idea for the SH2 [sic]he said on Twitter. “This figure ended up being Pyramid Head.”

It’s a fascinating take on the Pyramid Head idea, as it comes across as somewhat biblical and even the Hellraiser style of 80s horror.

When is the Silent Hill 2 remake coming out?

This is a pretty interesting look into Pyramid Head’s origins – and it’s good timing too, as his return isn’t actually that far away. At least, we hope.

silent hill 2 is the new remake of Bloober Team, and it’s one that fans have been begging for for years. It may finally be on its way to PlayStation 5 and PC, but we don’t actually have an official release date.

At least we can take comfort in the fact that the silent hill 2 remake has a teaser trailer that gives us a fresh look at James Sunderland.

Horror dogs are expected Silent Hill to launch sometime in 2023, but until we get an official announcement, Pyramid Head can wait in limbo – though we’re not sure we can.

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