Should you watch the anime before playing One Piece Odyssey?

by Ana Lopez

One piece odyssey is finally out in the wild, and if you’ve seen any of the trailers or gameplay, you may have been tempted by the game. Unlike other games in the A piece universe, this one takes the leap to full on JRPG, and if you’re a fan of the genre, you might be tempted to try it.

The big question surrounding the game is whether you should watch the anime or read the manga to understand what’s going on. Due to the huge departure in gameplay, many avid players are interested to see if this is a good point to jump in. When you’re on the fence, see if you’re looking at the A piece anime for playing One piece odyssey.

Should you watch the anime before playing One Piece Odyssey?

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One piece odyssey puts the iconic anime characters in a JRPG setting reminiscent of games like Dragon Quest. With titles like that having a huge cultural impact and being an incredibly joyful experience, the idea of One piece odyssey offering something similar is incredibly exciting.

As you may know, this game marks the 25th anniversary of A piece, with thousands of anime episodes and manga to date. It can be daunting to jump in, but if you’re wondering if One piece odyssey is an ideal starting point, the answer is not as simple as you might expect.

The story of One piece odyssey is unrelated to the events of the manga, but it does refer to many past adventures. However, if you just want to go in and enjoy a traditional JRPG story, you won’t be too lost. The game does a great job of informing you who the characters are through their interactions, and there are unlockable lore to help you learn more about the franchise.

Ever since One piece odyssey is a celebration of the series, anyone familiar with the series will understand the easter eggs, callbacks and nostalgic moments that come your way, but it is not mandatory to understand and complete the game.

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