Should you play Red Matter 1 for 2?

by Ana Lopez

Red Matter is one of the most popular VR titles and its sequel Red Matter 2 continues this tradition. It contains a dark story in a dystopian world, and the story of Red Matter 2 is connected to it. This may leave you wondering if you should play Red Matter 1 before playing Red Matter 2.

Is Red Matter 1 recommended before Red Matter 2?

Ultimately you you don’t need to play Red Matter 1 before playing Red Matter 2. The stories are related to each other as Red Matter 2 is a sequel and continuation of the story. That said, you don’t need to play the first Red Matter for the sequel, as the story can stand on its own.

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Over there its benefits to play Red Matter 1 before Red Matter 2. Red Matter 1 gives you more background information about Red Matter 2 and the story will have more impact. Some sequences are beyond you if you haven’t played the first title, but that’s not immediately necessary.

Red Matter 2 gives you a scene that pretty much sums up the story of Red Matter 1, so this can be efficient. You can also read a plot summary of Red Matter 1 if you want a quick catch up before diving into the sequel.

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