Should the first and last slices of bread be eaten or thrown away?

by Ana Lopez

This bread is the main ingredient of various dishes like bread-butter, sandwiches or bread rolls, toast bread, garlic bread. We all have bread in our house. The top and bottom breads in this bread packet are different from other breads in the packet. Due to the awkward shape and poor slices of this bread, people prefer to throw it away rather than eat it. But today we are here to tell you that it is better to eat this last and first slice of bread than to throw it away? Without wasting more time let’s find out the reason behind this…

Just so you know the reason why the first and last slice of bread came up is because of the bread making process. The thing is that the bread is made in a big size mold and when this bread is ready it is cut into thin slices.

When the bread is baked, the outer part of the bread that is in contact with the mold hardens by over-baking. When this whole bread is cut into thin slices, the hard part falls into the top and bottom bread and is packed in packets in the same way.

Now we make the mistake of throwing away the top and bottom slices as useless or inedible. Both of these breads do an important job of protecting the slices of other breads. A slice of hard and crusty bread also protects the bottom slice from fungus by absorbing moisture. Although many of us don’t eat top and bottom bread, the fact is that a slice of this same bread contains more fiber elements than any other.

After being aware of the utility and importance of the first and last slice of bread, now you will surely start using these slices instead of throwing them away.

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