SEGA teases Sonic Frontiers sequel plans

by Ana Lopez

Sonic the Hedgehog has had a chaotic and turbulent career as a video game mascot/SEGA headliner, and last year was no different.

After Sonic mania indicated a return to 2D Sonic games would be on the line in 2017, SEGA (for some reason) doubled down on the hit-or-miss-but-mostly-miss 3D approach as 2022 turned out Sonic Limits.

The devoted superfans seemed to love the title, but for everyone else: Sonic Limits was clumsy, bland and empty. Worst of all, the biggest critics said it just wasn’t fun to play. But that won’t slow down SEGA.

The Sonic Frontiers director is planning his next game

Looks like there’s still plenty to look forward to from the blue haze, as the director of Sonic Limits pretty much confirmed that SEGA is working on the next game in the Sonic series.

Director Morio Kishimoto responded to a Twitter user’s question about the potential of some classic Sonic zones returning to the future of the series and explained the limitations that prevented classic zones from participating. Sonic Limits.

The repetition of classic maps is something fans have picked up on in the past, but apparently Kishimoto has a plan. He’s been quite busy answering fan questions on Twitter and giving us insight into what’s to come.

Morio Kishimoto reveals plans for next Sonic game

Kishimoto’s tweets were collected by Tail channeland they contain some pretty fascinating tidbits about what to expect from the future of 3D Sonic.

It looks like the following 3D Sonic game will feature multiple playable characters, prevents re-use of locations from existing games and as a result of story handling in Limitswill the next entry have a much stronger commitment to story and script.

Importantly, the main focus is on providing a solid single-player experience. Whatever the future holds for Sonic, we know we can expect more 3D adventures – and whether that’s a good thing is entirely up to you. As long as the soundtrack sounds like the Limits‘ did, we like to grab our running shoes.

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