Seeing this woman’s act of stealing from the mall, you will also put your fingers in your mouth

by Ana Lopez

Stealing is a crime under the law. If you are caught stealing, you may be severely punished, but some people still steal to make a quick buck. A video of one such thief is going viral. This woman stole from the mall. Even the police are shocked to see the tactics he used to hide the stolen goods despite tight security and CCTV cameras. Everyone is really shocked to see the things coming out of her clothes.
In this video you can see that the police have caught a woman who was stealing. The police are questioning him. At that point, she confesses her crime and takes out the items hidden in the clothes. She had hidden four-five frying pans in her clothes. There are CCTV cameras everywhere in the mall. It is believed that the security personnel may have caught the theft of the woman on this camera. The video was shared on Instagram on a page called Valeranísimo. More than 3 million netizens have watched this video and everyone has expressed their surprise. Also watch this video…

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