Say now voters can vote at home in this state –

by Ana Lopez

The Election Commission on Saturday made an important announcement for the elderly and disabled voters, and according to this new announcement, all voters above the age of 80 and disabled voters will be given the facility to vote at home in the Karnataka assembly elections. Election Commissioner Rajeev Kumar said that this type of facility is being provided to the voters for the first time.
Regarding the upcoming Karnataka Assembly elections, Kumar said that the tenure of the Karnataka Assembly is till 24 May 2023, and for this reason fresh elections will have to be held. Talking about the vote from home facility, he said that for the first time in Karnataka, we are going to provide the facility to all voters above 80 years of age and disabled voters. They can also vote from their homes if they wish.
Rajeev Kumar further said that the Election Commission team will reach the homes of elderly and disabled voters with Form-12D to collect their votes. Complete confidentiality will be maintained in this process also. The entire process will be videographed. This facility is for people who cannot go to the polling station to vote. Apart from this, voters will be encouraged to come to the polling station.
Rajeev Kumar also said that a mobile application facility has been developed, which is an online portal for candidates to file nominations and affidavits. Candidates can also use this facility portal to seek permission for meetings and rallies. Also, as before, political parties will have to inform voters on their portals and social media platforms why they chose candidates with criminal backgrounds and gave them tickets to contest elections.
The Chief Election Commissioner said the state has 5.21 crore voters, of which 2.59 are women. There are 16,976 such voters who are above 100 years of age. 4,699 voters belong to the third gender and 9.17 lakh voters are going to vote for the first time. More than 12.15 lakh voters are 80 years of age and 5.55 lakh voters are physically challenged.

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