Saurathis Everywhere: More than 25 lakh native Saurashtras live in Tamil Nadu

by Ana Lopez

Migration of Saurashtra residents is also high among Gujaratis. The Kathiawadis have moved across the country and have settled down with a bang. Sorathis with sweet speech, calm nature, business acumen and generous heart are also welcomed by all. Even though South India is very different in language, lifestyle, food and drink, Sorathis have lived here as well. You will be surprised to know that there are about 25 lakh Saurashtra residents living in Tamil Nadu. The Saurashtra Tamil Sangam program is scheduled to be held from April 17 at Somnath in Gujarat. In which a large number of native Saurashtra residents living in Tamil Nadu
will participate. More than 25 lakh Saurashtra community in the state of Tamil Nadu is living with its old Saurashtra identity and the tradition and heritage of its Saurashtra region intact. In the year 1024, during the invasion of Mohammad Ghazni, the people of Saurashtra who were living en masse from Somnath Prabhas Patan, Veraval and surrounding area by sea migrated by sea and took refuge in Khambhat, Surat and then Vijayanagar Empire. After the fall of Vijayanagara, this community, skilled in silk weaving and other crafts, was granted Rajyashraya by the Maharaja of Madurai dynasty. Since the year 1500, this community has settled within Madurai and the surrounding area.
Cabinet Minister for Health and Parliamentary Affairs Rishikesh Patel said that our brothers and sisters living in Tamil Nadu are showing great enthusiasm to return to their homeland, connect with their roots and recognize their native culture. When eight Gujarat government ministers went to eight different places in Tamil Nadu to extend invitations, there was unprecedented enthusiasm among the Saurashtra Tamil community to come to Gujarat, to connect with their roots. Not only as a minister, but also as a Gujarati, these brothers and sisters coming from Tamil Nadu received a lot of respect and welcome, they have to feel the hospitality of Saurashtra.
However, this figure is also being claimed to be erroneous and it is said that the number of Gujarati language speakers here is around three lakh.

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