Sara’s golden dreams

by Ana Lopez

Amrita Singh’s daughter, who aspires to do diverse roles, has a mantra of ‘Muje Sab Kuch Karna Hai’. Rani in Bhansali’s film, modern girl in Zoya’s screenplay, family drama with Karan are her dreams

Cover Story -Henry Shastri

Sara Ali Khan’s first film ‘Kedarnath’ (2018) was much talked about before its release, but after its release, the case of this film is like how a soda water bottle opens its lid and ends up in a frenzy. The positive aspect of the film was that Sara’s acting, her overall performance was praised and that was instrumental in taking Amrita Singh’s daughter’s career forward. In ‘Simmba’ with Ranveer Singh directed by Rohit Shetty, Sara’s role did not carry much weight but Shagun Sathe looked powerful on screen. Everyone realized that he has the strength to perform amazingly in front of the camera. However, Sara’s name started to be questioned due to ‘Love Aaj Kal’ and ‘Coolie Number One’ with two famous directors Imtiaz Ali and David Dhawan hitting the box office upside down. Anand L Rai’s ‘Atrangi’ got stuck in covid and did not release in theatres. The good thing was that the OTT viewers appreciated Sara’s double role. Between 2018 and 2021, there are five films in the name of this actress who gave an account of less light and more dimness. Vikrant Massey’s psychological thriller ‘Gaslight’, Vicky Kaushal’s ‘Zara Hut Ke Zara Bach Ke’ and ‘Ai Watan Mere Watan’ have wrapped up while Tiger Shroff’s ‘Mission Eagle’ and Homi Adjania’s murder thriller ‘Murder’ have wrapped up. The shooting of Mubarak is going on. Anurag Basu’s ‘Metro In Dino’ will release this year. The most interesting thing about this is that Sara is preferring to do custom roles and is ready to take any risk for it. In the Karan Johar-produced ‘Ai Watan Mere Watan’, Sara is playing the role of a freedom fighter, meaning no glamour. In short the weight of the character is preferred. This is the characteristic of today’s youngsters that they are ready to take risks if they feel a strong role. Eager to do challenging roles with different filmmakers, Sara’s talk about her dream role is worth knowing and understanding.
It would happen twice out of ten that the good and young actors of today would sign a film seeing who the banner or hero is. These people check what is the story, what is the character and who is the director with a magnifying glass. So when Sara says that she is eager to look like a queen in Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s film and wants to appear as a modern girl in Zoya Akhtar’s film, then one can understand how the filmmaker has understood the specialty, but the desire for variety also peeks. Karan mentions Johar and talks about doing a family drama. ‘Muje sab kuch karna hai’ is his catchphrase. Dinesh is also doing a romantic comedy produced by Vijan. Meaning it seems like Gujarati, Punjabi, South Indian along with Mexican and Italian items are served in one plate. Of course, not all dishes are eaten at once, one after the other: Punjabi, then South Indian, then Italian, etc. If this is the case, the tongue will not get tired of enjoying the dish, similarly the audience will also get a chance to see Sara in different films.
Another characteristic of Sara Ali Khan & Co. is that these people usually do not hesitate when an issue is being discussed or an opinion is sought. Either keeps his mouth shut and has a ‘straight talk, no nonsense’ approach when speaking. Having a good command over Hindi – English, these actors also have a good sense of humor. During a recent event, Sara was asked about nepotism in the film industry. Even so, this issue is much discussed after the suicide of Sushant Singh. Sara Saif is Amrita’s daughter and it was expected by many that she would smartly avoid answering this sensitive issue. However, to everyone’s surprise, Sara answered, and without any hesitation. She also says in clear words that she does not want to run away from her identity by joking that she did not choose to be born in a family related to the film industry. Says Sara, ‘There is no point in overthinking, over-discussing something over which we have no control. There is no benefit from this matter, there is definitely a disadvantage. I cannot change who my parents are. I will always try to make my existence on my own, with the strength of my skills. I cannot and do not want to run away from my family identity. I will always try to make people like my work and it is my wish that people recognize me not as someone’s daughter but as my talent.’ Sara has done a very good job and she deserves the best wishes that she sticks to her ideas and creates her identity according to her wishes, right! A

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