Sana Gulwani in Pakistan increased the pride of Hindus for this reason

by Ana Lopez

Islamabad: A Hindu girl in Pakistan has worked to increase the pride of India along with Hindus. 27-year-old Sana Ramchand Gulwani has cleared the examination for the highest post in the country. So far not a single person from this community has ever cleared the exam in Pakistan. Sana Ramchand Gulwani cleared the CSS (Central Superior Services) examination, the first Hindu girl in Pakistan to take such an examination. Along with passing this exam, Sana has also been appointed as Assistant Commissioner in Hasnabdal city of Punjab province.
Sana was educated in Shikarpur city of Sindh province and before clearing the CSS exam, she also cleared the PSA exam, the first Hindu girl to do so. Not only this, local newspapers said that he was given such a tough test in the first trial. Sana did MBBS from Benazir Bhutto Medical University in 2016 and graduated in Urology. After that he took the CSS exam, but before that he cleared the PSA exam. She became the first girl to join the Pakistan Administrative Service (PSA) after clearing the Central Superior Services (CSA) examination in 2020. After clearing the exam, Ramchand wrote in a tweet that Wah Guru Ji Ka Khalsa Wah Guru Ji Ki Fateh. Along with that he wrote that I am happy to say that by the grace of Allah I have cleared the exam and also got selected in PAS and the credit goes to my father.
Sana Gulwani wrote that I don’t know that I am the first, but no woman from my community has been seen appearing in this exam so far. The number of Hindus in Pakistan is small. About 75 lakh Hindus live in the country, with the majority living in Sindh province. It is a shame to say that a Hindu woman has reached such a high position in Pakistan, because it is said that most of the Hindus are oppressed.

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