Samudramanthan: One story, but many lessons

by Ana Lopez

The art of combining opposites yields nectar

Aur Ye Mausam Hansin… – Deval Shastri

Be it in the management lecture or the Ramayana Bhagwat we used to do there, there are many stories that can attract the masses in the weeks. The headings of these stories are used very naturally in the folk dialect. One of the most used stories in Indian mythology is Samudramanthan.
When times are tough, countless efforts are required for success. Hard work may or may not yield favorable results. This effort is said to have churned the sea. The original story on this subject is available in several forms. A very simple story has been presented in every language, region and need, but its basic purpose remains in every story. Let us also mention a slightly different story. Sage Durvasa is better known for his ferocious anger among the common people than for his penance. An angry person is often synonymous with the word durvasa. Our scholar Durvasa Rishi was given a necklace from Vaikuntha, the abode of Lord Vishnu. He gifted this necklace to Indra, the king of heaven. Indra could not maintain the proper dignity of defeat, resulting in the wrath of Durvasa. Durvasa cursed all the gods that your youth would perish and the powers you possessed would be destroyed. Do you understand? If someone gives you a gift out of love, you should learn to appreciate it.
Naturally, as the curse began to come true over time, all the gods, including Indra, became frightened. Like the stories of Darvakhat went to Brahma. Brahma said that only Lord Vishnu can save you. Even the gods did not shy away from taking the advice of the right person in case of a mistake, we become so egoistic that we know everything. Prayed to Lord Vishnu and God appeared. The Devas told their problem and also said that if the Asuras become powerful then the Sattva in the universe will be destroyed. Bhagavan listened calmly and said that all this is a matter of time, moole samaya hi balwan hai. Right now time is against you, in favor of the asuras. If you want to bring time in your favor, you have to extract nectar from the milky ocean. Extracting nectar is extremely painful. How original it was said that you have to work hard to get time in your favor.
Every man should learn what Lord Vishnu spoke after instructing him to extract the nectar. When time is running against you, you have to go to the enemy, negotiate with them, make some compromises and engage in churning of the oceans. You cannot do nectar extraction alone. wow…. What a noble thing, it is necessary to convince even the opponents and keep them together. You can regain power only if you keep the enemies together and try to get the nectar. Whoever drinks the nectar will attain immortality, so don’t waste time and seek the help of the asuras.
God also gave a special instruction that many valuable things will be found during the churning of the ocean, but there is no need to be enamored with all of them. Accept what you get, let go if you don’t get it. If you focus on other valuable things, you will be left to get nectar. Keeping your focus only on Amrit. Once again, how many original messages have been given, the word focus management taught us through a story. These things written thousands of years ago teach management in a new form today, things like getting cooperation by apologizing have already been written by our forefathers based on experiences.
For churning the ocean, Mandar Parvat has to be used as a rope and a strong rope is needed for the rope which can be passed through the Vasuki Naga.
The gods sought the help of the asuras, the terms of the share were fixed. Both the parties together started to carry the Mandar Parvat to the sea, but got tired after a few minutes. Lord Vishnu’s help was sought and Lord His
Vahana appeared on Garuda and lifted the Mandar mountain with one hand and dropped it into the ocean of milk.
Vasuki prepared the serpent on the condition that he partake of the nectar, with enthusiasm the gods and demons began to bathe the mountain with the serpent. Gods because of the curse given by Durvasa
had become weak, Lord Vishnu supported him. The Lord caught the mouth part of the serpent Vasuki and gave the tail part to the asuras. Asura’s ego is hurt, we should get the mouth piece. Lord Vishnu immediately agreed and kept the tailed part towards the Devas and gave the mouth part to the Asuras.
Again the churning began, instead of yielding results the mountain began to sink slowly. Lord Vishnu took the form of a tortoise and immobilized Mandrachala. The brainstorming started again, but guys, keep on brainstorming. Every little thing gives a message. Space is limited for me but you can roam the open sky of life’s lessons while reading. Let’s continue with the request to think for yourself.
The efforts made by Lord Vishnu seemed even less. The churning was still not fast enough. Bhagavan felt that the gods or asuras are not to be trusted, I have to do something. One part of the Lord started helping the gods and the other part helped the Asuras. Bhagavan felt that everyone was stressing on Vasuki. Lord placed the third part in Vasuki and removed her pain. Vasuki Naga, in exhaustion and pain, began to emit fire and extremely hot air from his mouth. It occurred to the asuras that holding the tail was better than this. Do you understand? Need to learn to trust a little. God gave balance to the mountain and became a thousand arms to support all. Once the gods and asuras stood side by side to watch Lord Vishnu’s hard work. Seeing the incomparable scene of God’s hard work, I was stunned. To the gods, to the asuras, to the serpent Vasuki, the Lord took over almost all the work of supporting the mountain and supporting it from below so that it would not sink. Was Narsingh Mehto just a little praised? Mankind will always sit back and find fault, find fault with this narrative too but stay away from the discussion of strict masculinity.
During all this churning, Vasuki Naga became exhausted, his mouth began to emit a highly irritating poison called Kalkoot. In some stories there is talk of poison coming out of churning sea, it is possible.
What matters to us is the lation. It is not important where the poison came from, it is who ingested it. Important things are left in the circle of small and large writing errors. All the gods including Lord Vishnu prayed to Lord Shiva to solve this problem. Lord Shiva appeared with his consort Parvati. Lord Shiva told that if this poison spreads then it will be impossible to survive. Lord Shiva without a moment’s delay swallowed the poison for the sake of the universe, Parvati immediately grabbed Lord’s throat and stopped the poison in his throat. The story of Lord Shiva’s name being Neelkanth is well known. Columns have been filled with messages on this matter.
What has been written now is equally acceptable in modern times that one who has drunk poison should not be allowed to sleep. All through the night the Devas and Asuras kept praising Shiva and keeping the Lord awake. We celebrate this very night as Sahu Mahashivratri.
A few drops of the poison which the Lord had drunk in his cup fell on the earth, which fell on some snakes, scorpions and some plants. All those on whom the drops of poison fell became poisoned, if these drops were suspected to have fallen on the human community.
The next day, everyone was refreshed and the churning of the ocean started again. The first Kamadhenu cow appeared, which was given to the sages. A wonderful white Aswarva, Uchaishrava appeared which was given to the asura guardian. The four-toothed white Airavata went to Indra. The Parijata tree and the Apsaras were entrusted to the gods.
The extremely beautiful and radiant Lakshmi appeared on the red lotus, the gods and asuras were enamored but they chose Lord Vishnu, who was sitting peacefully on one side, telling Lakshmi to find her own groom. Lakshmiji is always pleased with those who worship Lord Vishnu. Do you understand? Puja does not mean lamp incense but the work done by God for churning. There are no shortcuts in In Short Life. Lakshmi will marry him only if there is struggle and devotion.
Dhanvantari who is part of Lord Vishnu appears with a pot, the Asuras run away with the pot. The physically weak deities are unable to stop due to the curse given by Durvasa so prays to Lord Vishnu.
Lord Vishnu says that everyone was supposed to get nectar but the Asuras lured and betrayed. They will get its fruits, the Lord assumed the form of Mohini. He took the pot to himself, through his incomparable beauty, made an agreement between the two that what Mohini would do would be acceptable to both parties. We know that according to justice, the gods were re-energized by receiving nectar. Once again a war broke out between the Devas and the Asuras but the Devas defeated the Asuras. What did you learn? Corporate lation is whether life or industries. Churning the Ksheersagar together gives results. It is only about hard work, dedication and God’s grace. There are numerous forms of this story, many sub-stories are also connected. Many sub-stories have been written from Samudramanthan Katha to the birth of Hanumanji. The purpose of reminding these things is that countless life lessons are in our stories but we have to take time to read and think. Nowadays social media takes a lot of time…. In that too, one should spend some time for original reading after brainstorming.

The End: Embracing the snake, Mahadev very easily said why to be afraid? Even God made up, so why? Human incineration… Where did it reside? In crematorium cloth tiger skin to vehicle nandi… dance to anand tandav acceptance by Shiva of all that we fear should in fact be the slogan “Dar ke age shiv hai.

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