Salute to Allu Arjun’s Daryadili – Mumbai Samachar

by Ana Lopez

South superstar Allu Arjun has a huge fan following and his fans are also crazy for him. Fans can go to any extent to catch a glimpse of Allu Arjun. But recently Allu Arjun did something that proved that just as fans are willing to do anything for their stars, stars too can do anything for their fans in time.
Recently when Allu Arjun came to know that one of his fan’s father is unwell, Allu could not help him. He has taken all the responsibility of treating Fan’s father. A fan page shared this information by posting on social media and thanked Allu Arjun for this help.
Allu Arjun has many fans who follow him on social media and some fans have even created fan pages in his name. One such fan page recently shared a post mentioning Allu Arjun’s generosity. The post tells how Allu saved the life of a fan’s father who was battling a lung-related ailment.
He wrote – After learning about the problem of one of his fans, godlike Allu Arjun along with his team helped the fan in every possible way. Allu Arjun’s fan shared information about her father’s bad condition on social media and sought help from people. Sharing his father’s health report, he wrote- Hello everyone, Arjun Kapoor, the father of one of our co-fans, is facing a lung infection. 2 lakh rupees are required for his medical treatment. His family needs our help. Details have been shared please donate and share with others.
Talking about the work front, Allu Arjun became very popular after the movie Pushpa. His style was followed not only in the country but also abroad. Now he will be seen in the second part of this film. The film is likely to release in 2023. Apart from this, Allu currently has no other film.

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