Rs. Salangpur eatery prepared at a cost of 55 crores has been seen…

by Ana Lopez

There are many pilgrimages in India where food is served as prasad and this food is very popular among devotees. The food served in such a pilgrimage is really sweet. A new canteen has been prepared in Salangpur at Botad which is very spacious and arrangements have been made to serve food to tens of thousands of devotees at once. A canteen has been prepared here at a cost of 55 crores. The restaurant is spread over 3 lakh square feet. There is an arrangement where 4 thousand people can sit simultaneously in the dining hall. The restaurant is equipped with the latest technology. The cooking in the mess here will be prepared with a thermal base. The machinery that can cook 15 thousand people in just one hour has been installed here. Union Home Minister Amit Shah will inaugurate this restaurant on the day of Hanuman Jayanti.
People come in large numbers for darshan at Salangpur. A crowd of pilgrims is seen here every year. When the devotees naturally want to take Prasad when they come here, a big dining hall and arrangements for gathering thousands of people at once become necessary. in Salangpur
The idol of Hanuman Dada has been prepared at a cost of 4 crore rupees. When this statue of Hanuman Dada comes to Salangpur, even from a distance of 7 kilometers, people will come here in even greater numbers. Dada’s idol is placed on a 13 feet base facing south. A 11,900 sq. ft. Vav and Amphitheater is also under construction. Arrangements have been made to seat 1500 spectators in the amphitheater. A magnificent garden has also been constructed in front of the temple in an area of ​​62 thousand square feet. 12 thousand people can sit together in the garden.
However, pilgrims coming from Botad to Salangpur by public transport have to face some difficulty. Along with this, the people coming here are demanding that more transport facilities be run between the surrounding villages and towns.

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