Rocket League Patch Notes v2.25: All changes and updates

by Ana Lopez

The Rocket League patch notes for v2.25 seem to bring a lot of incredible new features to players. Even after all these years, Rocket League is still going strong and has become an incredibly competitive game. With such a loyal community of players still checking in daily, developer Psyonix is ​​still tweaking and changing things to keep things balanced.

Plus, new events are always being added to spice things up, and this patch sees the introduction of Neon Nights. Players can expect new decals and items available in the store, along with limited-time game modes to dive into.

Let’s see what’s in the Rocket League v2.25 patch.

Rocket League Patch Notes v2.25

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The biggest addition is the two new game modes in Neon Nights. First, we have Spike Rush, an LTM that has all spiked vehicles embedded in it. In addition, Speed ​​Demon increases the speed of everything in the game, making a Rocket League match of sheer chaos.

In addition, several changes and bug fixes have been made for a smoother experience:

Changes and Updates

New Settings tab: Training

  • Added a new ‘Training’ section under Settings.
    • The Training tab is only visible in Settings when you are in Custom Training or Free Play.
  • General settings are available in both Custom Training and Free Play.
    • Game Speed ​​allows you to slow down the game.
      • 100% is the normal speed.
    • Controls Display determines when controls appear on the screen. Options include:
      • Always visible.
      • Hidden.
      • Fade out.
  • Free Play options are only available in Free Play.
    • Disabling target recovery disables both target explosions and reset to kickoff position.
    • Boost options allow you to change the boost refill. Options include:
      • Unlimited.
      • Standard.
      • Autocomplete.
    • Boost charging delay.
      • Enabled only when the Autofill boost option is selected.
      • You can adjust the delay from 0.50 seconds to 3.00 seconds in 0.25 second increments.

Map collision

  • We’ve revised map collisions on all standard maps.
    • This means that the ball now behaves the same on all maps when it rolls off the wall.
  • Map clash revisions also include minor tweaks to targets, boost placements, and starting positions so they’re the same on all standard maps.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug that prevented the correct competitive rank from being displayed on the endgame leaderboard if a player leaves the match before the leaderboard appears.
  • Fixed two bugs that prevented target explosions and ball position from updating correctly when searching in replays.
  • Esports Shop decals no longer darken titanium white body trim.
  • Restored deformation sticker for Takumi in player inventories.
  • Fixed appearance of the Bubbly decal when applied to the Samurai body.

The Rocket League patch is now live, so feel free to download it and jump into the brand new content available!

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