Roblox gaming phenomenon Doors goes unhinged in the latest update

by Ana Lopez

The last Doors are updated has added even more content to one of Roblox’s premier horror experiences, with new areas to explore and entities to fear. Better still, the titular doors finally have some horror-appropriate sound effects, making this one of the most hair-raising experiences on the entire platform.

There’s plenty to fear from the new entities, including Dupe, a glowing green critter waiting behind a specific door, El Globlino, a fiery little red devil who’s always up for a chat in the mid-game store, and Void, who takes Glitch’s place as the entity that brings you back to your friends if you’re left behind. Oh, and there’s also Bob the Skeleton, Globlino’s silent skeleton friend who reminds you of what’s at stake in this horror.

Of course, it’s not just new entities arriving with the Doors update, with plenty of new secrets hidden around the hotel for you to find. We’re not going to give you any spoilers here but let me just say even if you think a door is fake even if you feel like you know a door is fake maybe it’s worth calling that bad guy who’s the latest patch.

With the latest Doors update, Roblox now has a veritable treasure trove of horror experiences for those looking for it, with this title fitting in perfectly with others such as Piggy or Rainbow Friends. You can now see real originality in these projects more than ever, with less reliance on tropes from titles like Five Nights at Freddy’s that feature in the content. With thousands of players still enjoying Doors, we hope for more content updates in the future.

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There you have it, everything you need to know about the latest Doors update, which makes one of the scariest Roblox games even creepier. Check out our Roblox promo codes, our Roblox game codes and individual pages for Roblox Doors codes, Shindo Life codes and Pixel Piece codes to receive free gifts.

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