Roblox Boss Fighting Simulator Codes (January 2023)

by Ana Lopez

Image via Roblox Boss Fighting Simulator

Similar to Clicker Simulator and Anime Clicker Simulator, the main purpose of Boss Fighting simulator is to collect as many clicks as possible, earn currency, upgrade your weapons and ultimately work to become the most powerful fighter of them all! To help you on this journey, we at PGG have put together the list below of all known Boss Fighting Simulator codes!

Since there are so many codes available to redeem in Boss Fighting Simulator, we’ve broken them down into categories based on what they award: Coins, Crystals, Runes, and Power! If you’re looking for even more free offers, keep checking this article. We’ll update this list as new codes come out! If you find a code in the Working codes section that seems expired, please let us know so we can remove it as soon as possible. Also keep in mind that you must enter each code exactly as it is written or the experience will not accept it!

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Boss Fighting Simulator code list

Updated January 1, 2023
New code added!

Boss Fighting Simulator Codes (Working)

Here is an overview of all currently available codes:


  • falcon punch—Exchange for 5k coins (New)
  • eldorado—Redeem for 25,000 coins
  • Gold—Exchange for 5k coins
  • Demon—Exchange for 5k coins
  • Update1—Redeem for 500 coins
  • Coins100—Redeem for 100 coins
  • Coins50—Redeem for 50 coins
  • Release—Redeem for 50 coins
  • Twitter1—Redeem for 25 coins


  • solid crystal—Exchange for 150 crystals
  • Crystal100—Exchange for 100 crystals
  • Big Crystal—Exchange for 100 crystals
  • Crystal50—Exchange for 50 crystals
  • super crystal—Exchange for 25 crystals
  • Twitter4—Exchange for 25 crystals


  • runes stack—Exchange for 5000 runes
  • TonRunes—Exchange for 500 runes
  • Runes7000—Exchange for 7k Runes
  • Sword—Exchange for 5k Runes
  • Super large runes—Exchange for 4k Runes
  • 2kRunes—Exchange for 2k Runes
  • Great Runes—Exchange for 2k Runes
  • Greatest Runes—Exchange for 1k Runes
  • AlotOfRunes—Exchange for 700 runes
  • Massive Runes—Exchange for 700 runes
  • Huge Runes—Exchange for 500 runes
  • Update2—Exchange for 500 runes
  • Super Runes—Exchange for 500 runes
  • Lots of Runes—Exchange for 300 runes
  • Great Runes—Exchange for 250 runes
  • Twitter3—Exchange for 20 runes
  • MoreRunes—Exchange for 15 runes
  • Twitter2—Exchange for 5 runes
  • Runes5—Exchange for 5 runes


  • MegaBoss—Exchange for 5k Power
  • super boss—Redeem for 2.5k Power
  • Superpower—Exchange for 150 Power
  • Boss—Exchange for 25 Power
  • Powerful—Exchange for 25 Power

Boss Fighting Simulator Codes (Expired)

These codes are no longer available and cannot be redeemed!

Redeem Boss Fighting Simulator Codes

How do I enter codes in Boss Fighting Simulator?

It’s easy to redeem codes Boss Fighting simulator! To do this, follow the steps below.

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides
  • Start the experience
  • Find and click on the area that says HERE CODE
  • Enter one of the work codes above
  • press the Enter key or click the Redeem! button to receive your free reward

How do I get more Boss Fighting Simulator codes?

The best ways to stay up-to-date on Boss Fighting Simulator codes can be found in this article, following Broken Wand Studios, the development team behind Boss Fighting Simulator, at Twitterjoin the Boss Fighting Simulator Disagreement server, and by participating in the experiences Roblox group. Although Boss Fighting Simulator doesn’t have a super high player count, it still receives updates quite regularly, which means you’ll want to keep an eye on these accounts!

Why are my codes not working?

Not all Roblox codes are active for the same amount of time, which means some expire exceptionally quickly and can even become inactive after 24 hours or less! If you try to enter a code and it says Code expired, that code is no longer active and unfortunately can no longer be redeemed. There is nothing you can do to fix this problem, the code is simply not available. If you try to type in a code and it says Invalid code, however, this means that you probably mistyped the code or failed to capitalize correctly. If this happens, try re-typing and re-entering the code, making sure to copy it exactly as written!

What is Boss Fighting Simulator?

Boss Fighting Simulator allows players to unlock, use and upgrade various weapons to train their strength and take down enemies and other players! Whether you prefer to train alone or battle it out in the PvP arena, Boss Fighting Simulator encourages players to use items, boosts and their own humor to become the greatest fighter in the world!

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