RLCraft Guide – How To Get Started

by Ana Lopez

Just downloaded the RLCraft mod but are scared and bewildered that you can’t punch trees? Well, this is the guide for you. In our RLCraft Guidewe are going to give you a few tips to get you into one of Minecraft’s most difficult mods as easily as possible.

RLCraft is one of the most popular modpacks for the popular game Minecraft. It’s designed to give a much harsher and less predictable experience than the vanilla game, and the result is a harsh and chaotic world.

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RLCraft Guide

Here we’re going to try to walk you through the beginnings of your world and discuss things that set your world apart from what you would in the average game of Minecraft.

Spawn Points

RLCraft has random spawns. The game just drops you anywhere in the world, and unless you’ve set your spawn point to a usable bed of a Waystone, it will send you to another random spawn location when you die.

  • If an area is too dangerous and you’re just starting out: die. You will be sent elsewhere.
  • You can spawn underwater, so be ready to swim to the surface!
  • If you’ve found an area you like, make sure you set your spawn point before looting, you’ll almost certainly lose all your items if you die and get sent in a random direction.

Get wood

The first thing you’ll need is wooden planks, but you can’t punch trees in RLCraft, so the process is a bit more complicated.

  • First you need to look for gravel deposits, find them and keep breaking the blocks until they drop flint.
  • Hold the pieces of flint and hit them against hard blocks such as stone to break them into flint shards.
  • Combine a stick and a flint shard vertically in your crafting window to make a flint blade.
  • Cut grass with the flint blade to get plant fibers.
  • Combine three plant fibers to get rope.
  • Combine the rope with a stick and another flint shard to get a flint axe.
  • You can now cut down trees, but to get planks you need to place the blocks of wood on the ground and right click on them with the axe.

Get stone

Stone in RLCraft is slightly less complicated than getting wood, but is slightly different.

  • You can find small stones on the ground and pick them up with right click.
  • Breaking stone with a pickaxe will also drop small stones.
  • Combining four of these stones at a crafting table creates one paved block.

Find shelter

The night is deadly in RLCraft, especially if you don’t have a lot of gear. You don’t want to stay out in the open after dark. Building is possible, but obtaining materials takes longer and it is often easier to just find an existing structure.

  • Villages have ample beds and resources and are usually well protected by Aegis spawns.
  • Abandoned buildings in various states of disrepair often spawn. You can usually patch one up easily.
  • Be careful not to just lock yourself in a hole. The Grue kills players who are in pitch darkness.


RLCraft has both a thirst meter and a hunger meter, which will decrease much faster, especially when it’s hot or you’re running.

  • You can drink by crouching down and right-clicking on a water source.
  • You don’t think drinking plain water is the best option because it is contaminated and will give you the ‘thirst’ effect. You may need to do this to live at the beginning.
  • You can make Purified Water by heating a bottle or bucket of water in an oven, or by making a flask with a carbon filter.


If you get too hot or too cold in RLCraft, you will eventually take damage.

  • Different biomes will be hotter or colder depending on the environment. Deserts and snowy biomes are not the best places to set up camp for this reason.
  • You can warm up by wearing woolen clothes, standing near fire or lava, or running.
  • You can cool off by standing in the shade or jumping into the water.
  • There are items that can make you immune to temperature, but you probably won’t encounter them until later.

Frequently Asked Questions about the RLCraft Guide

Now we try to answer all your questions about our RLCraft guide, RLCraft or the base game.

What is RLCraft?

RLCraft is one of the most popular modpacks for Minecraft. You can download the pack for free, but you will need a working copy of Minecraft Java Edition to play. The modpack is a collection of mods put together to make Minecraft a more difficult and unpredictable game. It introduces a host of additional mobs, new structures, massive dungeons and new survival mechanics. There’s even a taming system and terrifying new bosses.

What is Minecraft?

Minecraft is an incredibly successful sandbox game developed by Mojang. It was first released in 2011. The game features a randomly generated and fully destructible environment consisting of blocks.

While the game is available on many platforms, only the PC-based Java edition supports most mods.

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