Replica Pokemon Love Ball arrives just in time for Valentine’s Day

by Ana Lopez

Replica Pokemon Love Ball arrives just in time for Valentine's Day

Images via The Pokemon Company

pokemon collectibles are going incredibly fast, and even if they don’t, fans will be all over it. Because they are pokemonso clear.

Aside from being an immensely influential anime and the most popular video game franchise in history, pokemon is an absolute powerhouse in the field of merchandising.

We need look no further than the Pokemon Center – the store that’s starting to spread outside of Japan and has exclusive stocks pokemon merchandise.

The Pokemon Center is packed with trading cards, plushies, and figures. And now a nice collectible has dropped… just in time for Valentine’s Day.

Pokemon’s Love Ball is perfect for Valentine’s Day

While we don’t need a single day to celebrate our love for each other (how silly of us), there’s no better time than the run-up to Valentine’s Day to celebrate a brand new pokemon collectible.

Pokeball replicas are certainly not a new phenomenon, with the $99 £100 display items making The Pokemon Company a serious bank, but few make better gifts than the new Love Ball.

In addition to introduced Gold Silver in Gen 2, the Love Ball was a new variant that helped you catch Pokemon of a different gender than the player’s. Today it can be used to show your love to that special someone.

Wand Company’s latest offering comes with a molded shell, but this ball is different from the others. The Pokemon Center’s Love Ball is a collectible item designed to respond to movement and touch, with strings of light flowing through it when held and activated with the button on the front.

Where can I buy the Love Ball Pokeball replica?

Right now, you can pick up the new Love Ball replica directly from the pokemon centerand considering that the other replicas come in at the same price, this is quite a lot considering the new light ranges.

Imagine these will sell out fairly quickly and will be appearing on scalping sites soon, keep in mind that you are limited to two Love Balls per customer.

Unlike a generic Luvdisc plush, the Pokemon Love Ball replica is incredibly charming, and if your loved one is as big a Pokefan as you are, then there are few better ways to show your affection.

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